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I bought a few pairs of skinny colored jeans for my girls last Spring. I was so excited to find pants that were more then just blue denim jeans to really make their Spring outfits pop.

So color me bright and happy that the trend continued for fall with not only fabulous and rich bright colors, but you can also find colored denim with prints and jewels to just about make any girl happy.

What I love about bright colored jeans is you that they can totally make an outfit. You can pair them with a simple tunic, tee, tank, or sweater and you’ve got that instant put-together outfit that you are looking for.  I also love that it seems there are few wrong answers this Fall when it comes to color matching. I love seeing so many colors together to make a bright statement.

Usually Fall and Winter can get so blah with fashion – blacks, grays, and browns – that this color jean trend is keeping it fresh for us and for your little ones!

Here are some of our favorite finds for Fall at all price points to hopefully make any budget work.

First off are a few selections from The Gap.  I love Gap jeans and it’s easy to find a fit that works for kids as almost all of their jeans come in regular, slim or plus sizing.

My second grader had these Gap purple zebra print jeans first on her list and at a price point of under $30 (and I had an additional percent off code) made these an easy and fun choice for her.

Another favorite from The Gap were these fabulous pink dot skinny jeans. Who can resist? I wish they had them in my size!

We love the fit and colors offered in the super skinny jeans from Justice. They come in five colors, have a great fit and are priced on sale at $24.

Have your daughters tried jeggings? We love them – they are a great alternative to jeans or leggings as they are super comfy yet have the structure and look of a skinny jeans. The Children’s Place has some great bright jeggings at only $19.95 right now. The red is fantastic!

We love the color choices and the fit of these colored jeans from Land’s End! They always provide a quality product at the right price.  Currently priced at $39.


And we cannot talk about colored denim without mentioning Mini Boden. They always have a great selection and have been a favorite of ours for years. Their orange(and many other colors) slim fit twill jeans are amazing this season. Priced at $30(and search around for a discount code).


What do you think of the colored denim trend and what are your favorite colors for the season?

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