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My oldest daughter has now reached the age that she doesn’t love the cute little sundresses, ruffles and bows of summer. Instead I find her wanting to dress in simple denim shorts, tank tops and flip flops.

We no longer visit the typical kids shops and instead we find ourselves looking at the bling of Justice and sometimes the teen styles of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Sometimes I feel like I’m totally not ready for this but realize there is no stopping growing-up and instead I’ve started embracing her new shopping style and actually enjoy finding clothes that aren’t babyish at all, yet super fun and age appropriate.

Here are some outfits that my tween gives two huge thumbs up to:

Love this peasant dress and short boot outfit from Zara. Very current and very ‘Taylor Swift’ if you will. A more grown-up style without being too grown-up.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of the ‘bling’ – but my tween LOVES it, and then I just have to remember my Valley Girl phase of the early 80’s and keep my opinions to myself.   When she put this outfit on from Justice though I had to admit that she looked pretty cute and ready for Summer. In fact I even wrote a post about letting a little Justice into our lives.

Abercrombie Kids is still a bit old for my daughter but I do love their basic tees, tanks and skinny jeans and capris for some cute and casual Summer looks.   The quality is also very good.

Nordstrom usually hits a pretty big home-run for us in the ‘shopping for tween’ department. We can find anything from total casual wear to swimsuits and also a dress for a special occasion.  We love this dress from Roxy with the coordinated accessories.

..and this Nordstrom’s  shorts set from Splendid is also a huge hit.


Where do you shop for your tween?


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  1. Okay, I have a few questions. I’m twelve going on thirteen and I’m pretty tall and well…’matured’ in the body section, so I’m not able to shop at Justice(and plus its super expensive). What should I do?

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