What was your favorite 2012 Olympic Moment?

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Her favorite moment:

” It had to be when Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh won their third Olympic gold medal. They had, together, receive their first gold medals in 2004. Now, 8 years later, won their third ones. They were a true example of the Olympic spirit as they solidified themselves as legends in beach volleyball, showing a tribute to focus and hard work. By the way, for the first time in history women outnumbered men on the U.S. Olympic Team.”

The Olympics may be over but the stories and the legacy of these athletes will live on forever.  With the USA taking home 104 medals, 29 of those being gold and some crushing world records, I think we can proudly say The 2012 London Games were a huge success!  I thought last nights closing ceremony was spectacular and I only wished they had used some of that for the opening ceremony;)

This was the first year that my kids were old enough to understand what The Olympics is and what it means.  My 5 year old son was a little confused but my daughter was pretty impressed particularly by the diving and the gymnasts.  As a Mom it was fun and sometimes difficult to try to explain just how impressive these athletes are and what hard work and dedication looks like.  I am not sure they absorbed it all, but I tried.  However, last night my daughter was a little disappointed when she found out that it was all over and when I asked her what was her favorite part of The Olympics?  She said “The gymnastics!”

I loved cheering for Michael Phleps and watching him make history.  I also absolutely loved seeing the USA gymnastics team finally stand on the top of the Olympic podium and take home the gold.  Allyson Felix and all of the USA track stars amazed me and Kerri Walsh and Misty May Treanor, well they inspire me!

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What was your favorite 2012 Olympic Moment?
Did you watch the Olympics with your kids, what was their favorite sport to watch?

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  1. Gabby Douglas gave her best shot and won gold. She thanked God because without him, she wouldn’t be a great athlete.

  2. I only watched swimming and gymnastics. I loved the Gabby Douglas win!

  3. My favorite Olympic moment was seeing Team USA Women’s Gymnastics win gold in the Team Finals. I was watching it with my children and seeing such young athletes accomplish such a goal was amazing!

  4. My favorite moment was the mens diving finishing first!

  5. Favorite 2012 Olympic moment was watching gymnastics and seeing Ally ‘s scores reviewed (like they should’ve been) and have her score a medal for USA. I watched it with hubby since i’m still pregnant for 6 more weeks 🙂 And favorite sports were gymnastics, and swimming.

  6. We really enjoyed watching the swimming events this year!

  7. I liked the soccer game Brasil VS Mexico
    and my daughter loved 1d performance lol

  8. seeing michael phelps win so many gold medals was once in a lifetime…

  9. USA basketball, both women and men bringing home the gold. My kids have basketball in their blood too.

  10. I’ve been getting into the sport of running lately, and it was cool seeing all the track stars competing. Incredible athletes!

  11. My favorite part was gabby Douglas taking the women’s gymnastics all around gold. My kids loved swimming and gymnastics.

  12. When the german diver landed flat on his back. Nice to see they are human!

  13. I really enjoyed the Women’s beach volleyball- it was nice to see women, in their 30’s with families do it all!

    My kids did watch with me- they loved the swimming!!!!

  14. I liked seeing Gabby Douglas win the gold. I did watch some of the olympics with my kids- mostly the gymnastics which they enjoyed.

  15. My favorite part of the Olympics was watching the U.S.A win gold in gymnastics!

  16. I didn’t watch any of the Olympics. We don’t have TV so we didn’t see any!

  17. Maybe this is off-the-wall, but I absolutely loved watching the men’s soccer team from Mexico win the gold. The pride and happiness on their faces kept me spellbound.

  18. i loved Usain Bolt win, spectacular! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  19. I liked the volleyball and gymnastics, my oldest was amazed at the gymnastics team. We both enjoyed watching them win gold =]

  20. There wasn’t one single moment. Every time the winners stood and wore their medals while their anthem was being played, I welled up. EVERY TIME! Completely inspired by their dedication, many of them will never be on a Corn Flakes commercial, but they gave their sport their all, they dug in and found a way to commit to years of dedication, perseverance, and unending practice. Monetary reward was not necessarily their motivator. That passion, wow. I’m welling up again.

  21. I honestly didn’t watch as much as I’d like, family not that into it. However enjoyed what I saw of swimming and gymnastics.

  22. The mens running with mo farah. His face at the end was priceless. Plus they looked like they werent even trying hard and they were running so fast

  23. My favorite (or at least one of them) was when Michael Phelp’s mom watched him win and started crying. As a mom…I can understand that emotion of watching your child succeed. And then the USA volleyball…with USA against USA. That was a great match!

  24. My favorite moment was when the US women won the 4×100 relay race. It was so amazing to watch their body/machines in action!

  25. I used to watch Olympics always, until I had kids and we have no television in the house. But we did watch replays of gymnastics and swimming that my toddler loved 🙂

  26. I loved to watch women’s gymnastics and swimming. So great to see such young talent!

  27. I watched the Olympics with my sweetie and we watched gymnastics, boxing, track and field, swimming, basketball, cycling/mountain biking, and tennis.

  28. my favorite moment was Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian in history by winning his 19th medal in the 4×200 freestyle.

  29. My favorite moments were watching the Grand Prix Freestlye competition. Both horses and riders are superb and disciplined atheletes, and quite beautiful to watch !

  30. My favorite Olympic memory was the speedo’s #phelpsfever #lochtefever

  31. I had three favorite moments. When Oscar Pistoruous (sp?) was the first to cross the finish line in his heat! When Missy Franklin realized she won her first gold. And when Gabby Douglas realized she won her gold for the all around.

    My two year old son loved all the swimming and track events. He tried to swim really fast in the pool after watching one night. He told my brother, I swimming Olympics!! Wook at me!” proud mommy moment!

  32. I did not watch much, caught some of the highlights.

  33. I loved seeing Lechte win the gold in swimming!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. I really enjoyed watching the womens volleyball ans the runners….My daughter and i watched parts 2gether..she loved the gymnastics!

  35. It had to be when Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh won their third Olympic gold medal. They had, together, receive their first gold medals in 2004. Now, 8 years later, won their third ones. They were a true example of the Olympic spirit as they solidified themselves as legends in beach volleyball, showing a tribute to focus and hard work. By the way, for the first time in history women outnumbered men on the U.S. Olympic Team.

  36. I loved watching the track and field…I love watching the runners!

  37. I loved see Ryan Lochte win gold. love when the underdog wins.
    Didnt watch with the kids they are still too small to understand

  38. basketball between usa and spain was a great game.

  39. I watched the olympics, my favorite part was the closing ceremony. i thought it was awesome!

  40. My daughter and I watched some swimming, gymnastics, and diving. We enjoyed when the girls gymnastics won gold, but everyone did so well and worked very hard. Congratulations to all of them.

  41. I absolutely loved when Ryan Lochte received his Gold Metal & was tearing up.I started to cry myself ,i just couldnt contain myself .It was the first time i’ve ever saw someone cry in the Olypmics.It was such a beautiful momnent & i’m so proud of him .


  42. my favorite moment was watching the USA win every medal and watching them sing along to the national anthem…that makes me so proud

  43. I loved when Men’s Volleyball was Russia against Brazil…Brazil was killing them, and so cocky and sure…Russia came from behind and started winning,and ended up winning the gold! It was an awesome underdog moment. I don’t have kids to watch it with..sorry.

  44. What was your favorite 2012 Olympic Moment? seeing Michael Phelps earn his last medal
    Did you watch the Olympics with your kids, what was their favorite sport to watch? I watched with the kids, and they liked gymnastics and the volleyball

  45. I liked watching Missy Franklin. She was such a great example, and I’m sure she brought a lot of comfort to her hometown!

  46. My favorite moment was Michael Phelps winning the gold medal.

  47. Yes, I did watch the Olympics with my visiting 30-yr-old kid — for a minute or two — part of a YouTube video of that cute woman hurdler who danced before the heats. That may be my favorite because it was so great to see her exuberance and energy. Her smile and dance was so catching we all got a little more animated. Three generations watched that clip together – my mom dropped in for a visit, too.

  48. We watched the Olympics and my kids loved gymnastics.

  49. My favorite moment was watching Michael Phelps win his final gold medal.

  50. No question Michael Phelps setting the record for most medals. It was a fantastic year for the US, can’t wait for the winter round!

  51. I enjoyed watching the US Women’s soccer team beat Canada in the last 30 seconds of the semifinal.

  52. Our family loved watching men’s and women’s soccer. We also loved watching beach volleyball, handball and water polo!

  53. I loved the diving. I always find it so riveting

  54. I watched with my son. I think my favorite was watching Aly Raisman do her floor routine. It was awesome, I love that she did it to a song important to her faith, and I like that she didn’t let all the balogna people were spewing about her “taking” Jordyn Wieber’s spot (by being better than her!) in the all-around finals get her down.
    I think my 3 year old son liked the track best because he’s been playing ‘lympics since then, mostly by long jumping from the couch cushion to a giant pillow in the living room and by sprinting along the driveway.

  55. there were some great moments- my kids and I watched it and had a great time- I think the most beautiful part was gabby winning and her performances- shame on the people picking on her- she will be a treasure and great example to many girls- so the gymanstics to me- and I loved the swimming, loved the swim teams video of call me maybe

  56. We watched almost every day (me and the kids). My son wasn’t as into it as my daughter and I were, but my favorite part was watching our fabulous 5 gymnists take the team gold! Also watching Gabby win gold was exciting! Such a great talent and smile she has… completely infectious!
    We all loved watching swimming too. 🙂
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  57. My kids watched with me some of the time 🙂
    Our favorite part was the last match with Missy May and Kerri Walsh!

  58. My favorite part of the olympics was watching Gabby during the gymnastics!!

  59. My husband and I are Olympics addicts and watched from beginning to end. We especially love to watch gymnastics, swimming, and beach volleyball.

  60. It was watched nonstop in our house. My 6-month old had his first taste. I loved watching Gaby win Gold!

  61. My daughter just turned 16 and she and I watched quite a bit of the Olympics. We both were happy to see Gabby Douglas win the gold; she’s a fantastic athlete. I think my daughter was pinned to the tv when the Mens Olympic swimmers came on LOL…she thought they were so handsome.

  62. Mexico celebrating its first ever Olympic gold medal in soccer by defeating Brazil

  63. The highlight for me as also when Ryan Lochte won gold. My kids weren’t very interested this time. They only like the ice skating.
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  64. My favorite Olympic moment was seeing Oscar Pistorius from South Africa run in the track events. It was very emotional and the whole family loved it.

  65. I loved it when the US Women’s Gymnastics team received their medals for the team gold!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any kids yet, but had a blast watching some of the games with my niece. 🙂


  66. My son and I watched the USA Mens Basketball and loved all of it.

  67. My favorite moment was watching the US Women win Gymnastics gold. Track and Field was my favorite event to watch. No kids.

  68. The reaction of Mrs. Phelps when her son won his 22nd medal!!! Proudest mom ever!

  69. Watching Gabby grab gold and listening to her story. Amazing!

  70. The Synchonized swimming and gymnastics, unbelievable!!

  71. I was watching the Oylmpics with my family and my favorite moment was when Gabby won the gold.

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