Interview with Olympic gold medalist and Mom, Kerri Walsh

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Sure, I’ve met celebrities and I have been lucky enough to get the chance to interview some big time movie stars, but you know who impressed me the most?  Olympic Gold Medalist and Mom of two Kerri Walsh.  She is the ultimate Savvy Sassy Mom, she juggles a professional career while being a wife and mother of two, proving you can still have it all!  She admits it isn’t easy and that she depends on the support of her husband and family to make it all happen, but it’s possible.  Before my interview I read that her nickname is “6 ft of sunshine” and she could not have lived up to that name more.  Kerri isn’t just inspiring, but totally approachable, friendly and genuine.  Watch the interview below and see for yourself!

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Watch the interview:

Kerri Walsh’s Life & Mom Mantra:  Breathe. Believe. Battle.


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  1. Very nice interview, I love the mantra! You can see the happiness in Kerri, that’s how you know she truly is balancing family and career.

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