Nastia Liukin and her Olympic TEAM

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With all the excitement of Michael Phelps breaking the world record with 18 gold medals and the women’s gymnastics team bringing home the gold, The Olympics has been so exciting to watch!  Nastia Liukin who did not make The Olympic team this year knows just what it feels like to win gold at The Olympic games.   She also knows that it takes a strong team to make it happen.  Not only are all of these athletes competing individually and as a USA team, but they also have to have a strong family team.

As we have seen with Michael Phelps and his Mom, this is something that all athletes not only depend but truly need.  When the athletes take to the podium and they show the emotion of the families in the stands, I always get a little choked up.  The amount of love and support from their team is truly what gets these athletes to the top of that podium.  That is not only true in sports but in any success story.  These athletes may be physically perfect but that is only one piece of the puzzle.

Watch Nastia Liukin and her parents talk about their Team!


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