Keep Cheering for Michael Phelps!

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I can’t imagine dealing with the pressure that these Olympic athletes face, not to mention the sacrifices they make.  Michael Phelps won eight gold medals in Beijing, how does he follow that in London?  The pressure must be even greater to maintain that superstar swim status.  He recently took 4th place in the 400 individual medley final and did not make it to the medals podium.  I know my heart sank a little, so I could only imagine what his Mom’s heart did.  Moms are tough but when our children hurt we feel the pain twice as much.

Are our expectations too high?

As a Mom I get upset if my kid has a bad day or his feelings get hurt by something another child said to them.   I’m afraid to push or pressure my kids too much so watching Phelps’ mom Debbie in the stands, I can’t help but think of how strong this woman is.  A Mom that can take on this kind of pressure and bear the weight of this emotional ride.   The dedication, commitment and encouragement she has had for her son is incredible, not to mention the hurt, pain and suffering that also comes with an Olympic journey like Michael’s.  The high’s have got to be out of this world but the lows have got to be unbearable.

On the days that Michael wanted to quit, I can only imagine the strength that Debbie had to muster up to keep her son in that pool.  After all, that’s just her little boy and she’s just a Mom.

Watch Michael Phelps and his Mom talk about quitting, the training and keep cheering for Michael Phelps!

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Who do you turn to when you want to quit?

Who’s there for you no matter what?
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