What do you think about Push Presents?

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Since it is Pregnancy Awareness Month and all, I thought I would discuss “Push Presents”.  What’s a push present?  Well, it is a gift that a pregnant woman or new mom receives from her husband, boyfriend or baby daddy to say “Thank You”, “You can do it” or Way to Go” for carrying their baby for 9 months and pushing that baby out!   Push presents can be everything from small tokens of affection or sentimental keepsakes to a designer diaper bag or sometimes large and over the top (like a car if you are a Beverly Hills Housewife).

Push presents can be seen as little narcissistic if you demand or pressure your loved one into buying you a “prize” for pregnancy or they can be a very thoughtful and meaningful gesture.  I think that push presents are nice if it is a special keepsake that celebrates the pregnancy and commemorates a birth of a child.  If it is something that you will always have and cherish, than I am all for them. Besides, pregnancy is not easy!

Gemvara has a variety of special occasion jewelry and gifts, I espcially like the stackable bands.  These are perfect for a push present and if you plan on having more children.  Each ring could be unique in design and birthstone representing each child in your posh brood!  You could also have the same band for each child, but different birthstones.  These rings look gorgeous stacked together!  Here are some of our other push present picks…

Mother’s Embrace

Pod Eternity Band $809

WaterColor Grand Pear Drops  $140

Large Skylight Gem Pendant  $206

Rich and Thin Band $999


So what do you think about Push Presents?
Did you get a Push Present?

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  1. I got the best push presents of all, and all this time later they are my favorite gifts of all…..my kids. They are the prize in the pregnancy box of cereal.

    If you ask for a “gift” then it isn’t a “gift”.

  2. Think Adrienne above said exactly my feelings. The whole mindset of push presents, baby moons, etc., seems silly to me…if you WANT to get away before the babies come, DO! If you feel led to give each other a gift when the babies are born, do. But to me “push presents” role model a mindset of “do something, get something.” Think that’s a sanctioning rationale that goodness knows, I don’t want my kids to “expect” every time they do something good….there are inherent, non-consumer rewards to genuine accomplishment—and delivering babies has the best natural reward of all. 🙂 (That said, all the items above are lovely. 🙂 )

  3. I was given a bracelet by my husband when I had our daughter. It was a difficult pregnancy with an even more complicated delivery so my husband wanted to give it as a gesture that he appreciated what I had gone through. I think it came from a place that he felt helpless as I struggled during our delivery and just wanted to make certain I knew he was there for me – which I would have known anyways.

    So while I don’t think presents for deliveries are a must, I definitely don’t read into them what Cheryl does. It’s a gesture of kindness and does not role model entitlement behaviors if there is no expectation of recieving one in the first place.

    They are a nice idea but then so again is a card or flowers or a hug, too…

  4. I love the idea of a push present, I think it’s a wonderful tradition to show your everlasting appreciation for a woman who just went through pregnancy. I got the Signature Pendant from Juno Lucina for my push present, and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received. It’s beautiful, and it reminds me every day of my little girl. It was so perfect for that moment too I could not have imagined getting anything else! Their site is http://www.jlucina.com for any new mommies or daddies that might be looking 🙂

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