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Do you know anyone having a Christmas Baby?  What do you get the expecting Mom?

Getting the new Mom something they would not typically buy for themselves is always fun!   You know lots of people will get her the necessities but getting her something a little less expected ids much more fun!  As long as it’s not just “too cute” but practical as well. Yummi Bebe is an eco-friendly baby store that carries brands like Twirls & Twigs, City Threads, Apple Park, Cupcakes & Pastries and Edoche Booties.  This is a store that delivers on cute, practical and eco-savviness!

The items in this store are either eco-friendly, fair trade or made in the USA!  So I searched the site looking for my top baby gift items for new Moms this Holiday Season.  Take a look at what I found for the new Mom.

1.  Belle Tunno Ditty Diaper Clutch 2.  Leo the Lion Gloves 3.  Twirls & Twigs Dress 4.  3D Socks Boy Animals 5. Parents Journal for Babysitter 6.  Set of 3 Baby Books 7.  Edoche Booties 8.  Twirls & Twigs Blanket

Yummi Bebe $100 Giveaway!

To Enter(leave a comment for each one)

1.  Share your favorite gift you got as a child?

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post and giveaway.  My savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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  1. My favorite gift I got as a child was an original cabbage patch doll that I loved up into high school.

  2. I loved my American Girl Doll I gr for Christmas when I was 7


  3. My favorite gift I got as a child was an easy bake oven!
    jamie villari

  4. My favorite gift I got as a child was my Raingbow Brite doll!

  5. My favorite gift as a child would have to be my brand new pink and white bike! Thanks!

  6. I got this doll called My Friend Mandy. I don’t recall it being all that popular or advertised much. But boy it has stuck with me! Loved her!

  7. My favorite was my Strawberry Shortcake kitchen set. I love that set and still have it too!

  8. I saw a couple other comments about cabbage patch kids:)
    My favorite gift was the astronaut CPK that came in a space shuttle box!! Ahhhh sweet memories!

  9. My favorite gift was a dollhouse my grandpa made for me.

  10. My favorite gift I received as a child was a stable for my Breyer horses that my carpenter grandfather (really, that’s what he did for a living!) made for me. 🙂

  11. My favorite gift was a gold cross necklace that my dad got me for not crying that day in kindergarten!

  12. My favorite gift as a child was going on a family trip to Europe with my sisters and parents. Unforgettable memories!

  13. My fave gift I recieved as a child was the baby born doll. I still have it! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  14. My fav gift as a kid was my cabbage patch doll!! I still have her for my 3 lil girls to play with!!

  15. Going to a show with my Nanny (maternal Grandmother) was very special, the first thing I thought of!

  16. i don’t know a favorite favorite gift. i always loved getting barbies or dolls though. i was a big fan of make believe.

  17. Did all three:
    2. Follow @YummiBebeGreen on Twitter

    3. Tweet this Giveaway ” I just entered @savvysassymoms Christmas Baby Giveaway

    4. Like Savvy Sassy Moms on Facebook

    Favorite Gift was a pink Cookie Monster Cardigan that said “C is for Cookie.” I wore that thing until it fell apart. =)

    loveforlillie27 at gmail dot com

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