Zutano Adorable Clothes for Babies and Toddlers

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Here at Savvy Sassy Moms we’ve recently discovered a lovely brand called Zutano that creates clothing for newborns (including preemies!), babies and toddlers. We told you last month the history behind this company that all started with a bike delivery system in New York City after Andrea headed to their event in New York City during the Blogher conference  event.

This month, they decided to send two adorable outfits our way to try out with my twins who are 2.5 years old and we were so tickled about that. The clothes arrived and I was very pleased with the quality of the fabric – it’s soft and thick – which I know will hold up to many washings…and scrubbings at the knees – notice the dirty knee in the picture below? Can’t keep anything clean with these two, don’t let the cute faces and girly-girl bows fool you!

My girls love to run around and have a great time and these legging sets are perfect for their days at preschool where they do just that.

The sets are bright and cheerful – both in color and in the patterns chosen. What I love about the colors that you see is that while they are bright, they are still warm and evoke a sweetness because of the chocolate brown added in the mix. The patterns aren’t so busy that you feel the need to look away. Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel like the color choices play down the patterns here and they balanced it all just right. It’s a delicate balance between pattern and color for me – otherwise I naturally gravitate towards solids or neutrals when I pick up a pattern for my kids.

Overall, these outfits are fantastic and I have no doubt they will get us through the year of fun and play in preschool.

My only note about Zutano is they run a bit big. I ordered a 3T (which they are wearing in other brands) and when they came for my girls who, for their age are tall, they were a bit oversized. We washed them up and they did shrink up a good bit, so that is also a consideration. But if you have a child who is little pea pod, you may want to err on the side of smaller – at least with these particular pants and long sleeve shirts.

Are you a Zutano fan? 


I was sent two complete outfits to review for this post but all savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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