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One look at Etsy Shop Bitty Bambu and you will immediately fall in love with each and every one of shop owner Taryn’s creations. As she says in her profile, she enjoys making clothing that is “beautiful, colorful and playful – all the elements that I believe every childhood should be full of.” What a perfect way to describe her collection!

The pieces are perfect for summer – light, airy, and of course, colorful. You can tell that there has been a lot of love and care put into these items. The dresses are perfect to throw on for a day at the park or for a picnic lunch, and the boys shirts and shorts are ideal for wearing during those summer days filled with lots of outdoor play.

Take a look at my favorite picks from Bitty Bambu below!


Free Spirit Twirly Circle Skirt – $33.00

This skirt would be perfect to pair with a light tank top (I would do white to keep the skirt the focal point of the outfit) and a pair of sweet sandals . A lovely summer outfit that’s stylish yet practical enough to go play at the park!

Rock It Boys Pants – $45.00

These adorable pants are made with soft corduroy material for a nice comfortable fit during those busy summer days of playing, running and jumping. Boys like to put their clothes on and go, and these are perfect for that! I would put these with a nice white tee and a pair of sandals for a comfy summer outfit that’s easy to throw in the wash at the end of the day.

Modern Floral Linen Dress – $43.00

This dress says “summer” all over it! If your girls are anything like my little girl, they want to get outside to play and they want to get out NOW. This dress looks stylish and cute with absolutely no effort beyond putting it on! The great thing about dresses like these is that it grows with your child. It can start out as a dress, then a tunic paired with leggings, and finally a shirt to be paired with skirts and jeans. Truly a great addition to your daughter’s summer wardrobe!

Whales in the Sunset Hand Dyed Burp Cloth – $9.00

I definitely did not have cute burp cloths like these when my daughter was a baby! More like, whichever receiving blanket wasn’t dirty at the moment. Something tells me that you won’t mind using a burp cloth when they’re as adorable as this one! Whales are having a bit of a moment, and with the bright cheery color and organic fabric, this makes for one adorable and must-have baby item.

Jellyfish T-Shirt – $21.00

This colorful jellyfish shirt is another great summer wardrobe staple. We’ve only got three months of really great, hot weather where we are, so most of the kids like to enjoy every minute of being outside that they can. This means there is little time for fussing with clothing in the morning! This shirt is perfect to put on with a pair of jeans or shorts and head out to soak up the sun.

Free Spirit Shirt – $19.00

This shirt is called the “Free Spirit shirt” which I think is quite fitting for children in the summer time — able to run free and play to their hearts’ content! This is another great piece for pairing with a skirt (the skirt to match the fabric of the bird on this shirt is the one I featured at the beginning of the post), jeans or shorts for a simple and cute summer outfit.

Dawn Patrol T-Shirt – $17.50

This handmade applique shirt is the perfect vision of summer: blue water and sunny skies! A bright and cheery addition to your little mans clothing collection and especially great for covering skin that’s been outside for too long.

Check out Bitty Bambu’s Etsy shop for more great items in the collection!

What are your kids’ wardrobe essentials for this summer?

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  1. Oh gosh, it was a pleasure! Andrea found your shop and I just fell in LOVE! I’ll be ordering one of everything for my daughter’s summer wardrobe, haha!

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