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Growing up I can remember six words my Mom said to me over and over again “Wait until it goes on sale!”  We never bought anything until it went on sale.  The frustrating part about that is, there wasn’t anyone to give you the heads up when it finally DID go on sale.  So you would just have to hope and pray the next time you went to the mall, it was on sale and that they still had it in your size.  I can also remember my Dad checking all the papers and doing all his comparison shopping before he would buy anything.  He just had to find the store with the lowest price.  This habit did not exactly get passed down to me.  Like many of us, our time is valuable and life gets busy, really busy.  Watching for something to go on sale just isn’t on my priority list.  Unless of course it literally fell in my lap.

Good news!  With the shopping app Eyeona‘s new Receipt-O-Matic the sale price literally does fall right into your lap!   Eyeona will automatically check your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail for online receipts. If the price goes down on any of the items you’ve bought, they’ll let you know. The Receipt-O-Matic is safe, secure and free!  You just have to link up your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail accounts to start saving on all your online purchases!  Now you never even have to leave your house for a price adjustment and you’ll always get the best price.  No waiting for it to “go on sale”. How fantastic is that?

Eyeona has hundreds of retailers they support and one of my favorites is Anthropologie and well let’s just say I always have my “Eye-on-a” few things over there….In your free Eyeona account you can start a watch list of items by simply copying and pasting the URL link into your list and then when the price drops, they’ll notify you.  This is such a great tool for big ticket items like TV’s, cameras, furniture, strollers and household items.  You will be sent an email when the price on the items you are watching have been marked down.


Now you can still be a savvy shopper and not have to wait or wonder if it will ever go on sale.  This also solves the issue of  “I gotta have it now” because if it goes on sale you’ll know about it and get a refund of the price difference.  No more shoppers remorse!  This is such an incredible shopping tool for Moms, it saves you time and money.  Brilliant.

Signing up for an Eyeona account is FREE  and you can download the Free Eyeona App, so what are you waiting for?  Start shopping and saving!





Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.  I share this with you because I love to shop and I know you do to and this is a way for both of us to save money and time.  A win win for Moms everywhere!

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  1. It’s such a great app! I’m not a coupon person, although I would like to be…Eyeona helps me to save money in a way that works for me and my lifestyle!

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