Sondra Roberts Tote Bag Giveaway from the Shoptopia App

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SR Squared by Sondra Roberts tote
Today we have a special giveaway happening with Shoptopia.  The style savvy shopping site asked me to curate an item to giveaway over on their Facebook page today.  So I picked something every mom needs this summer, a large tote bag.  I choose this SR by Sondra Roberts bag not only because it is bright and colorful but also because it is reversible!  Which makes this not only stylish but functional for all of your summer travels with the kids.

Enter to WIN this Summer Tote Bag – 5 winners will be chosen!

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.  It was only a 24 hour giveaway.


 YOU MUST ENTER over on their Facebook Page

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  1. I would take the bag everywhere, but I would REALLY show it off at the local swimpark!

  2. this would be my bag for everyday during the summer!

  3. I live in Oceanside, CA and this bag would be perfect for our trips on Thursdays to the library to get our weekly reading material and the organic farmer’s marke is right in front of the library that happens every Thursday afternoon. We are also close to the beach so I would be using this bag to hold our towels, snacks, sunscreens, etc. I would love this bag for our trip to Kauai! Love the colors and reversible option. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Andrea & Shoptopia! New fan on FB! Lalita Malone

  4. This bag is so cute and functional looking! I would definitely use it as a gym/pool bag for me and my little one this summer!

  5. How beautiful! I would take this on my beach trips and also to visit my new niece in Tennessee!

  6. I would take this tote with me everywhere! I have Six children all together and always have tons if stuff to haul. This would be awesome for carrying it all!

  7. I am doing a bit of traveling this summer. First trip to Disneyland, San Diego for a bridal shower, a wedding…this would be the perfect bag to take on the plane! Easy to get into when stowed under the seat, lots of room for snacks and an iPad and fashionable too. Crossing my fingers because it’s hard to look fashionable with jelly on your pants and bags under your eyes. I need all the help I can get.

  8. I would take this tote to the park, pool, zoo, and a few mini vacations this summer! Love it!

  9. This bag would be great for a lot of things: trips to the farmers market, water parks, picnics and a place to keep my knitting. I love the bright colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I love all the colors and this would go everywhere with me! we head to the beach a lot during the summer and even in the off season and this would be great looking on the sand!!!

  11. this tote bag would be perfect for our up coming road trip from CA to WA. It would be perfect for taking stuff to the beach on our trip too.

  12. I would take this EVERYWHERE! I am purse/bag challenged. This is pretty and functional and I would look like a cool mom! I think….

  13. Cute, stylish and just in time for the beginning of Summer!! Would take it everywhere with me. Can take all the necessities for a new baby to the pool with me and still have room for mommy things 🙂

  14. Awwwww… In love with these bag!!! <3 I would be enchanted to use tomorrow in my "birthday party"(06-25) in the beach!!! Yay! 🙂

  15. i would take it to the beach with my whole family

  16. I would use this as a everyday bag. Use it for the beach when we go or the park.

  17. I’d pack my jewelry for a trip! Beach bag. Carry on of fun! Farmers market sassyness!

  18. I would take it to the beach, the park, grandma’s house everywhere!

  19. I’m pretty sure this would look fabulous at the pool and especially at the Farmer’s Market!

  20. I would take this bag everywhere. I would really like to take it to the beach @ my grandma’s in upstate NY. The bag just makes you think beach and summertime. The colors are great and I love that it’s reversible. It’s fantastic! I’m not usually much of a bag collector, but I’d collect this one.

  21. I would use it for everything and everywhere I go with my family. It’s so cute.

  22. I would take this bag everywhere! With three kids, I am always on the run. Whether it be the pool, Crossfit, or to a play date, this tote would definitely come in handy!

  23. I will take it everywhere this summer starting with a road trip to Glacier National park in mid July.

  24. So cute! I would love this for the summer and would bring it everywhere!

  25. This would be my “everyday” summer bag. So, I would carry this bag everywhere I go.

  26. I would take this with me on summer daytrips.

  27. I’d take it to the park and church! Cute!

  28. Okay. I love this bag. Saw that you posted it on Facebook. I would take this bag to the beach since it’s something we do all the time in the summer BUT I would ALSO take it on a super cool adventure trip to a place like maybe….Costa Rica?? xx

  29. This would be an all around great summer bag. I would use it for our vacations and days we go to the pool.

  30. I’ d take it in my carribean cruise next month!

  31. Love this. Would take it anywhere and everywhere. Especially to the pool or the beach.

  32. I would use this as my pool bag for the summer! So cute!!

  33. I would use this as a diaper bag and would use it on our summer vacations!!!

  34. I’d probably try to use it instead of my diaper bag!

  35. I would end up taking this everywhere this summer, but especially to our Sunday trips to Jazz at the Park.

  36. I would take this bag everywhere to the park, beach, and on trips. Very cute bag.

  37. It would be a welcome change. I use just primary colors. I need to shake up my wardrobe as well as bring some pizzazz in my life. This would be a fantastic start. Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.

  38. I’m going to take it to the Elks Club and make all the other mama’s just a little bit jealous!

  39. This tote bag will be the perfect accessory for my trip to Spain next month!!

  40. Looks like it would make a good diaper bag for my little 2 week old girl and I to tote as we run about town!

  41. i would take it everywhere! my daughter is starting preschool in the fall, and this summer is a full and busy schedule of get-to-know-you play dates on top swim classes, summer vacation, visiting with relatives and just having summer fun! a roomy, functional–and amazingly adorable!–tote is a must!

  42. Love this tote, it would go great with everything! Beautiful.

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