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Maclaren Strollers and BMW Team Up

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Here’s a stroller that every sporty parent is going to love pushing around the neighborhood because it’s all about BMW. That’s right, the sleek German-engineered auto manufacturer has teamed up with Maclaren to bring you a first-class strolling experience. The new Maclaren BMW combines contoured design with engineering excellence.

What I like about this product is the understatement; you know that phrase, “less is more”? Key elements of a Maclaren stroller are redesigned exclusively for BMW and then the logo is added in tastefully selected areas that incorporate well into the overall look. Let me give you a brief tour.


The stain-resistant removable seat liner has been reworked to look and feel like the bucket seat of a BMW. It is a really sleek looking. The padded 5-point safety harness has the signature Maclaren heavy-duty buckle with the BMW insignia. While the seat has multiple recline positions, it does not lie completely flat, and is suitable only for babies six months and older.

Performance Features

This is, no question, a city stroller, but it is equipped with 4-wheel suspension to smooth out the ride. Five-inch hard wheels have the BMW look. The aluminum frame is sturdy, with a 55-pound carrying capacity, yet the stroller weighs just over 12 pounds. Reflective piping and red reflectors on the rear frame provide low light safety.

Weather Protection

I love the contoured sun hood with its sleek look. Tinted peek-a-boo windows on each side keep the sun out your child’s eyes. A zip-out mesh panel provides another peek-a-boo window and allows for air circulation. A rain shield is included with purchase.

Parent Amenities

A small storage pocket behind the seat provides a space for your wallet, keys or phone. The storage basket beneath the seat is standard Maclaren. It doesn’t hold much; you could fit a small diaper bag and a few essentials. The ergonomic handle bars are comfortable for adults with different heights at 41 inches from the ground.

Maclaren BMW Strollers

Maclaren BMW strollers come in blue, black or silver.

Customer Feedback

While new on the market, the Maclaren BMW has gotten 5-star reviews so far for sleek design and smooth handling. This is a luxury product, and a price that reflects that. This buggy retails for $385 and is not available in stores. If you like Limited Edition products, especially from Maclaren’s Object of Design series, you will love the BMW.

What do you think of the Maclaren and BMW collaboration?

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  1. Is this stroller good for a child 8 months old

  2. Love this stroller especially the silver however nervous that it will get dirty easily. How is the overall fabric I am award the seat cover is washable.

  3. I know, the silver is gorgeous, isn’t it? I’d be worried about it being washable, too. But Maclaren assures us that the seat liner is removable as well as water and stain resistant. That’s fabulous news!

  4. I am buying the white stroller for my niece, its her 1st baby and she has a white BMW vehicle so this way it will match. My question is… How long does it take to have it shipped to Petaluma, Ca.? One of her showers is this weekend… Memorial weekend which I can give her a small gift and a card with a picture of the stroller paid in full…. So, can you give me an estimated guess how long it will take to ship if I purchase it this week? Thank you and my other question was answered about keeping it clean…. Especially sence its white! Just curious tho… Would it be good to spray it with a water repellent just to be extra careful since its white?
    Thank you kindly,

  5. You say my ? is awaiting moderation… As in u want me 2 make it shorter? If I order 5/25 how long of a wait 4 shipping? There, is that better?

  6. I don’t know how to shorten it any mote than I have. How long is shipping?

  7. Hello???? Is anyone here or should I call? I think I will call…I c all other comments answered same day so just forget it… I will call and get all my questions answered and not play a waiting game… I’m looking at the mercedes-benz stroller as well and when I’m paying good money I want answers right away I don’t like to wait to be told that my question is too long…how much more moderate can I get?

  8. Hi Richelle, I just got these comment notifications this morning and hope I can answer your questions. You should contact Right Start, the merchant, with your question about shipping. Savvy Sassy Moms only reports on products. With regard to spraying with water repellent, just make sure it is safe for children before doing so.

  9. hi im looking to buy the bmw maclaren .can u deleiver to ireland

  10. I love this stroller I have a maclaren light weight but the hood doesn’t extend out far enough, I just bought the uppa baby light weight it has a nice telescope hood that extends out and blocks the sun great.
    Does this hood extend out? And how is the padding in the seat?

  11. Hi Louise:
    Please contact Right Start; I do believe there is a link to that merchant in the article and they take care of shipping questions. It is the last link that quotes the price. 🙂

  12. Hi Brenda:
    From several reviews I’ve read, the hood extends out only as far as what you see in the photos. It is one feature that could be improved on with this stroller. The seat padding, however, is fantastic. It is kind of like a bucket seat of a BMW automobile, offering cushioning, but firm support for your child.

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