Categorize Your Etsy Favorites With Checklet Favoritizer

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I’ve been an avid Etsy shopper since 2006 if you can believe that. I have favorited so many things and shops that I get so confused where things are what I did with them, that searching through my own favorites can be ridiculous. Enter the Checklet Favoritzer. The Checklet Favoritizer helps you categorize all of your favorites any which way you like.

favoritizer homepage
Simply press Get My Favorites on the homepage. It will send you back to Etsy to get all of your favorites straight from your account. This will also happen every time you log-in so your newest favorites will always be added to Checklet Favoritizer right away.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.33.13 AM

Allow Access.

etsy access

In less than a minute all of you favorites have been added to Checklet Favoritizer in the Uncategorized Category.

my favorites uncategorized

You simply drag a favorite item or shop into the categories you create.

drag favorites

You create categories for all of your favorite items.

favorite items Collage

You also create categories for all of your favorite shops.

favorite shops Collage

No more searching for the blasted favorite you need right away. Just go to Checklet Favoritizer and you can look them up easily and they link directly to the Etsy item or shop, as if you’re in your Etsy favorites already.

If you’re like me and love the idea of organizing in categories your favorites on Etsy you should definitely check this site out.

Tell me what categories did you create?

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