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Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.27.32 AMI recently stumbled upon a great site that has me obsessed with my camera on my phone [iPad]. When you go to Photojojo you suddenly realize there are so many great accessories for your phone that could make taking pictures fun! Not only do they have lots of phone camera accessories, but they have accessories for your regular camera. They even sell some pretty nifty cameras too!

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.28.44 AMOne thing I fell in love with is the fact that they have a course to learn how to maximize your camera on your phone. Photojojo University is a 4-week course that teaches you the principles of photography through the lens of your phone. Twice a week you’ll get an email with a simple and fun lesson that ends with a challenge to help you solidify your new skills. I’ve signed up and can’t wait to start.

These are just a few of the great things you can find on Photojojo to take your picture taking to the next level. It made me realize that my photos from my camera are just the beginning and could be so much more!

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1. Wide, micro, fisheye and telephoto lenses – Android phone lens, iPhone lens, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, MacBook … our lenses work with any phone or device that has a lens on it, even if you use a case. $20 – $49

2. The iPad telephoto lens – Much like a full-grown adult doing cartwheels, iPad photography can look a little silly, but it is just so much fun. You get to see your photo through a ginormous viewfinder before your even snap it. $25

3. Instax mini instant cameras – They print credit card-sized photos on bold new Fuji film, but retain that classic instant analog look that everyone loves. We like to think of them as Polaroid’s little brothers. A lively little whipper snapper doing its own thing in this new age of instant film. $85 – $140

4. The Optrix iPhone adventure suit – a tough protective case for your iPhone 5 that turns it into a go-anywhere action cam. It’s like a GoPro, but smarter. $130/$180

5. Easy macro cell lens band – a sturdy band with a built-in macro lens that works with any any mobile phone! This lens will transform your cell phone photos from meh to awesome by giving you stunningly sharp details. $15

6. The cell lens pouch – want one of the wide, micro, fisheye and/or telephoto lens? Here’s the pouch to carry it, the littlest lens bag that attaches right to your phone, so it’s always nearby. $15

7. Digital time-lapse camera – It’s designed to create time-lapse videos at the push of a button, doing all of the work for you. Say goodbye to intervalometers, complicated settings menus and impossibly complex gear setups. $199

8. Gorillapod GripTight PhoneCam ClampStand – When you and your phone need stability for self portraits, group shots, low light, long exposures, even timelapses, the Gorillapod GripTight is there to get a grip on whatever’s nearby. $30

9. The camera cooler bag – the Camera Cooler, a rugged camera bag with slick vintage style and insulated walls that double as a beverage cooler. $65 BRILLIANT!

10. Holga iPhone lens – It’s a rotating disk equipped with 9 different lenses for your iPhone! Just fit the case that it comes on over the back of your phone, and you’re set for hours of phoneography fun. $30

11. The bottle cap tripod – He’s got a stretchy rubber socket that fits on top of pretty much any kind of bottle, and a standard-issue tripod screw on the other end that fits most any camera. $10

12. Instant photo picture frames – These Instant Photo Picture Frames are like having nine real life Polaroids on your living room wall. The best feature? Take one part dry erase marker, one part photo victim and nine parts instant frame, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for ruthless photo captioning fun. An endlessly re-writable dry erase surface. $20

There’s so much more on Photojojo that I want to get, I seriously could put the almost the whole store here for you to see. It’s a fun place to check out. Did you find anything you would get?

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