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Your Instagram feed tells a story

Whether you’re conscious of it at the time you upload your photos or not, your Instagram feed tells a unique story. Your feed contains different threads. You take photos of your kids having fun, so you don’t forget their laughter. You snap sunsets, so you remember the way the waves chilled your toes as the air cooled. You click on the glass of champagne that accompanied your first date night in… well, too long.


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Sticky9 lets you share your stories

With all of the different themes winding through your feed, your photos may seem haphazard. Even your closest followers may not immediately pick up on the way your preschooler went from clinging to your hand at drop off to running straight for his carpet square or how your date nights have expanded to date afternoons now that you can meet for lunches while the kids are in school. Sticky9 lets you comb through your Instagrams and choose the memories you want to share and gives you a physical way to share them.


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Why Sticky9 is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the love that makes your family strong. Sticky9 is a tool that lets you choose your favorite Instagrams to personalize magnets, phone cases, and iPad covers. They’re a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who seems to have everything — they’re a love note in images, a way to say “I love you” without saying a single word.

Sticky9 offers custom magnets and cases for several phones and tablets. Android fans will love that Sticky9 isn’t only for Apple lovers — Galaxy S3 and S4 covers are also available. If you’re unsure about designing a cover, you can start smaller. Nine little magnets are a great way to add a bit of fun to a gift without the commitment of a tech cover.


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Choosing your Sticky9s

Choosing the love story you want to highlight will depend on who will receive the gift. We know you have some fabulous Instagrams if you’re following The 10 Commandments of Instagram, so you might want to use Sticky9 to spread Valentine’s love to several people.

Let your kids pick out their nine favorite shots of themselves and send the mini-magnets to grandparents or a special aunt. Spending the time to select the photos will be a gift to you, too, as they talk about why they like the photos they do and what memories arise as you browse through your feed.


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Designing an iPad cover for your spouse might involve finding date night photos, times you had fun together as a whole family, or a few favorite pictures of the kids he commented on when you posted. Try to find a combination of photos that tell him how much you love and appreciate him — it will be a Valentine’s Day gift that makes him smile all year.

Do you exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with your spouse?

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  1. I love this idea. Who needs a Valentines Day card when you can create one on their phone, tablet or express it on the refrigerator!

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