Warm up with chili this fall

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Chili makes your fall a little warmer

Chili is the ultimate fall food. Whether you’re simmering it in the crockpot for dinner after a busy day or throwing it together for a football tailgate, finding your signature chili recipe makes meal planning and entertaining easier. We’ve rounded up different versions of the fall favorite and know you will find the best chili recipe for your family. 

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Chili recipes bursting with fall flavor

From Calculus to Cupcakes has the perfect equation for a vegetarian chili bursting with flavor. Her Pumpkin chili has an adorable presentation, and the pumpkin provides a rich texture for this meatless chili.

Slow cooker pumpkin, turkey, kale chili from Recipe Runner combines the quintessential fall flavor with the hearty, healthy veggie powerhouse. Turkey adds a boost of protein to the chili, making it a complete meal for even your hungriest eaters.

Add a little sweetness to your chili this fall with Easy sweet potato apple turkey chili. Oh, Sweet Basil used a baked sweet potato as inspiration for this hearty fall soup, and the recipe is sure to please.

Vegan and vegetarian chili recipes

Eggplants take center stage in this Aromatic vegan chili from Sprouting Healthy Habits. The fresh ingredients are hearty, but healthy, so you’ll feel absolutely no guilt about having a second helping of this chili.

This meatless chili takes advantage of a favorite fall vegetable — the sweet potato. With a 7-hour cook time, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen’s Slow cooker sweet potato chili can be prepped at night and ready in the morning or prepped in the morning and ready for dinner.

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Chicken chili recipes

A sweet twist makes BBQ Chicken chili a slightly new take on a favorite fall recipe. The recipe from Skinny Taste definitely needs to make its way into your chili rotation — and we love that Gina’s recipes include nutritional information!

You only need one pot for this delicious Green chili with chicken from Kim’s Healthy Eats. The green chills add a bit of a kick, and the lime brings a fresh flavor to this chili.

Creamy white chicken chili is filled with favorite foods that even picky eaters will love. The recipe, from Whole and Heavenly Oven, is a creamy, welcoming comfort food for fall — and who doesn’t love a recipe that includes avocado?

Perchance to Cook has a chili recipe for clean eating enthusiasts. Her Shredded chicken ratatouille chili is gluten-free, paleo-friendly and all sorts of flavorful. Squash adds a fall twist to this healthy chili recipe.

Classic chili recipes

The Chili con carne from Kitchen Sanctuary is the perfect chili recipe for Saturday tailgates and football Sundays. It’s the type of recipe that tastes even better the next day, when all the flavors have really fused, which means you can prep it the night before and enjoy every minute of your party. If you’re headed to the game, check out these athletic-inspired fall fashions.

When you’re looking for a comfort food, most of us don’t go much farther than our moms’ kitchens. With this recipe from NeighborFood, you can get a taste of her mom’s kitchen with Mom’s Green Bean Chili.

Now that you have dinner planned, browse our fall fashion favorites.

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Do you prefer chili in the slow cooker or on the stove?


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