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Horse-themed birthday party for girls

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My daughter is currently very much into horses so I knew she would love a horse-themed party for her birthday this year. In all my years of planning birthday parties for my kids I have come to realize that the essentials for planning a party are pretty easy. Here is a list of things you will need for your party:

  • Invitations
  • Party supplies
  • Activity for kids
  • Cake
  • Favors (optional)

Simple, right? So this year I planned her horse birthday party at a horse stable where they teach lessons and have summer camps and are glad to host parties as well.


From Tickled Pink Invitations

If you cannot host your horse-themed party at a horse stables, that is okay too. You can still have fun with other activities such as “Pin the Tail on the Horse” or the coloring pages with horses, along with the super easy craft we did, as seen below.

Fortunately we had a beautiful day for my daughter’s party!

Here are the party supplies she insisted on having since white horses are her favorite!


 From Birthday Direct

I have a friend who is a wonderful baker and cake decorator so I asked her to make this cake. I just adore how it turned out!



While the children waited their turn to ride, I had them decorate their own cowboy or cowgirl hats. I found these at the dollar store and bought some stick-on gems at the craft store. Everyone also left with their decorated hat as their party favor!


If your little one likes horses they will love this theme for their party. Thankfully it is easy to find horse-themed supplies and you could even order some of these inflatable stick horses and have the kids “ride” around on them in the backyard — how fun would that be?

SSM CollageBirthday


Hope you have a great time at your horse party too!


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