7 Tips for adding fall decor to your home

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A new season and fun holidays means another reason to decorate our homes. We love adding seasonal touches to our decor to help things feel extra cozy this time of year. It also gets our kids super excited about the upcoming holidays and creates special memories for them. We’re sharing 7 easy tips for adding fall decor to your already existing home style.


1. Accent pillows

Adding accent pillows is a fun way to bring some fall color and a touch of holiday to your homes. Any spot you can add some seasonal pillows helps make your home feel cozy and comfortable for fall.


2. Scented candles and soaps

Those scented items aren’t just pretty labels. The pleasant fall fragrances will fill your home with scents of apples, pumpkins and leaves.

3. Add to your everyday decor

One of the best tips for adding any sort of holiday decor to your home is to mix pieces into what you already have. There is no need to start from scratch.  Just adding a few little touches can really transform the look and feel of a space.


Add some fall floral stems into greenery already in place or some holiday ribbon around an existing piece. Another fun idea is to swap out the photo in an existing frame for a favorite snapshot from that holiday.


4. Comfy and cozy

Fall means cooler temperatures and we couldn’t be more excited about that! Wrapping up in a blanket while reading our watching TV is one of the easiest ways to feel comfy and cozy. Keeping blankets in a basket near sitting areas make them accessible to anyone and gives you all the cozy feels just looking at them.

5. Don’t forget outside

If you are like us, not many people see the inside of your house, but a lot of people probably see the outside!


That is why we think it is important to put some effort into the outdoors. It’s amazing what some pillows on your front porch, a small pumpkin and some lanterns will do for a space to make it feel festive.


6. It is all about the kids

Let’s be honest, celebrating holidays like Halloween are just more fun as a mom when you can see it through your kids’ eyes. We love making these holidays fun and memorable for our kids. Holiday books are one of our favorite things to collect and we keep them in a basket that is accessible to the entire family. Not only is it a place to keep the books, but it looks cute, too! We also love displaying holiday items in their playrooms and bedrooms so they really get in the spirit.


7. Reusable items

While it is fun to stock up on real pumpkins of every shape, size and color each year, the truth is they are going to eventually rot and you throw them away. Of course we get real pumpkins for our kids to carve and decorate, but we don’t go crazy. We’d rather put that money into reusable items that can be pulled out and enjoyed year after year. We like to add a little something to our holiday stash each year and right after the holidays is a great time to hit up clearance sales!

What are your favorite ways to decorate for the fall?

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