Summer Travel: What to do in Barcelona

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This summer, I took a trip to Bareclona, Spain for the first time. Last summer, I went to Paris and loved every minute of my time there. That trip was one I had been dying to go on for a long time but I wasn’t sure what to expect from Barcelona. Let me tell you that while it was different, it was remarkable and a city I would definitely recommend visiting! The architecture is absolutely incredible and amazed me each and every day when I looked around. It’s unbelievable to think about what it would be like to see such beauty on the streets daily. I was in awe at all of Antoni Gaudí’s creations. Here is a list of some of the must see spots in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is known for this church. It is truly stunning and a must-see. The architect that created this masterpiece is none other than Antoni Gaudí, a man of extreme talent who created many stunning buildings in Barcelona. While there is so much to see, the church is still under construction and will be for many years to come. After walking through the church, you can take a stroll though the museum with old artifacts as well as pictures of what’s to come in the future as they continue to build. It has been under construction for over a century. Inside, there is so much beauty.

The stained glass, different on each side of the Church, represents the sunrise and sunset. The colours and the details of the glass are worth admiring. Another thing to note are the huge pillars that hold up the church. They resemble trees, each pillar created by different materials based on the weight they hold. Listening to the audio as you walk through will change your interpretation of what you see. It was also very interesting to see the school that was built on the property. Every detail from the ground to the rooftops and everything in between is remarkable to look at. Lastly, Gaudi was buried there.

Gaudi House

Hands down, the coolest structure that you don’t want to miss. This is the building that Gaudi built for his family as well as others to live. He built an apartment building with intricate balcony railings giving it a beautiful appeal from the street.

When you walk in, you enter a courtyard where you can enjoy the beauty of the garden as well before heading up! Once you get into the elevator, you are taken on a ride to the rooftop. The top of the building takes you through ups and downs as you take the steps around the roof. You can enjoy beautiful views as well as quite time on the roof. The audio offers information as well as enjoyable music as you enjoy your stroll!

Guell Park

Beauty is all around you at Guell Park. Make sure to buy tickets ahead of time and arrive at your specific time slot. They will not let you in early or late, so don’t miss your time!

The flowers are beautiful as is every thing around you in Guell Park. The mosaic statues are worth a look as the attention to detail is incredible. Enjoy a walk through the park and pay attention to the beautiful and all the stunning mosaic work done throughout the park.

The view from the top is worth a photo op! There is also a free option to walk around a different area of the park, which you can also access after your walk through the inside.


Last summer in Paris, we went to the Picasso museum, so it was a pleasure to see his work in Barcelona as well. I loved the walkthrough of all of his different phases of work over the years. It allowed me to look at his work differently understanding the stores behind each piece as well as learning more about his family life. It is always interesting to hear the motivation and inspiration behind an artists work, so I would definitely suggest this visit for some art appreciation.

Old Barcelona

There was so much to see in Old Barcelona. We went on a walking tour (a tourist for this is very necessary) through the streets which we definitely would have found ourselves lost in without he help of our guide! It was so interesting to see the heights of the doors and the width of the buildings in the old town. The shorter the door, the older the building. We were able to visit a very old synagogue that can hold only less that 20 people at a time. In most buildings in the old city, we were able to look under glass floors to see pieces of underground history that have been found during construction and then left as they are unable to destroy it. It was remarkable to see the underground world in Barcelona!

Las Ramblas Boulevard and La Boqueria – Market

There is no market I won’t take a walk through. I love losing track of time in a market. After touring Old Barcelona, we came out right onto La Rambla where we found La Boqueria right in front of us. We took a stroll through the market to find the freshest food all around us. Candy stands, delis to buy meat, a fish market and the most unbelievable fruit I have ever tasted. The cherries were so big and delicious, I could have stood there eating them all day! When we were done treating ourselves, we walked out onto Las Ramblas which is filled with souvenir shops, flower shops and restaurants. While it is a wonderful stroll, make sure to hold onto your wallet and personal belongings as it is well known that make people get robbed without even knowing.

If you are considering going to Barcelona, Spain, it is a beautiful place to visit. If you have a trip planned, make sure you don’t miss these tourist spots on your journey.

What other places are a must-see in Barcelona?

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