Ziad Nakad Paris Fashion Week 2019

Ziad Nakad’s Ancient Mosaics

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In his Fall-Winter collection, Ziad Nakad combines architecture and geometry to make the most magnificent final result. With marked waists, oversized and asymmetrical sleeves, Ziad’s technique really shines through. His pieces showcasing both his talent and his masterful ability to incorporate thousands of little details into one dress. Likewise, with his attention to detail creating dreamy, inspiring pieces, each look stuns on—and off—the runway.

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Oversized and asymmetrical sleeves

In Ziad’s collection, many pieces donned oversized or asymmetrical sleeves, Because Ziad proficiently uses technical features to his advantage, his pieces highlight many special details. While creating very simple silhouettes, the details shone through, elevating each look, while still allowing each one to maintain resolutely feminine through their impressions of lightness.

Ziad Nakad Paris Fashion Week

Jewels galore

Beautiful silhouettes with unique and coloured embroidery embellishments add an extreme femininity to Ziad’s collection. “Tessellas” and “tesserulas” reveal stunning aerial mosaics. Certainly, this alliteration assemblage inspires the entirety of the collection.

Wedding dress Ziad Nakad

The true masterpiece

What can be said about this heavenly dress? Embroidered to perfection, followed by a long train and an even longer veil, Ziad’s wedding dress and final look express the beauty and magic that every woman should feel on her wedding day. As the model slowly descended from the staircase and the lights dimmed, the music changed, and the attendees gasped.

The stunning Ziad Nakad collection remains a Paris Fashion Week highlight

A magical and colourful collection, from blue to red, from gold to silver, Ziad uses colour to his benefit. Likewise, each dress represents a different remarkable and expressive hue. Always concerned with high quality, Ziad mixes tulles, chiffons, lace, and velvet. Above all, he gives his creations a majestic and architectural modernity, allowing dimensionality and personality to escape from each piece.

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