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The Poetry of Suminagashi in Yumi Katsura’s Geometric Dream

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Paris Haute Couture Week is everything you could ever imagine and more. Magic is practically radiating throughout the entire city, evident from the locations lucky enough to host the shows and from the people lucky enough to be invited. One show that always stands out is Yumi Katsura. Her 2019-20 Couture Fall-Winter collection inspired, as each look that came down the runway surprised and wowed. Influenced by the beauty of Japanese calligraphy, Yumi crafted a collection based on her new vision for Japanese calligraphy, expressing powerful and elegant straight lines, with 18 different kinds of pleats, and traditional Japanese techniques. The beauty of the collection filled all attendees with a sense of imagination exhibited through her thoughtful pieces.

Paris Fashion Week

The flowing minidress

Paying special attention to her silk fabric, Yumi carefully crafts the perfect mini dress, playing up this classic and timeless trend with a fun splash of purple or pink, both accent colours that played significant roles in her collection. With more neutral colours acting as the structure and base colour for each garment, Yumi then uses a unique 8th-12th century marbling technique to really make each design come to life.

It’s all about the sleeve

Who doesn’t love a good ruffle? With a very structured and architectural dress inspired by Japanese temple architecture and Japanese residential architecture, Yumi adds a beautiful splash of purple to create feminine touches to an otherwise edgier and boxier dress. Yumi’s use of bold floral prints mixed with ruffle accents, proves that her designs remain both enchanted and poetic. Thanks to Yumi, a heavily structured dress can now also be flirty and romantic.

Yumi Katsura fashion week

The elevated LBD

In Yumi’s collection, the colour black often acted as the backdrop for the most unique dresses on the runway. Each “little black dress” was then embroidered, coloured, dyed, and styled to absolute perfection. The details make each piece versatile while each one presents as completely unique and special from the next. After all, we can never have enough little black dresses!

Yumi’s collection inspired all. She brings attendees with her on a journey and merges tradition and modernity to create something truly beautiful.

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