Galia Lahav's Stunning Paris Haute Couture Runway Show is Outstanding

Galia Lahav’s Paris Haute Couture Runway Collection is Outstanding!

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At Paris Haute Couture Week, Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever really upped the ante for their show, And God Created Woman. This collection is for the modern woman who wants to express her individuality through dress. The collection featured tulle, embroidery, soft colors and floral shapes. Based on watercolor drawings by head designer Sharon Server, the collection has a style that is reminiscent of Monet’s impressionism.

Galia Lahav's Paris Haute Couture Runway Collection is Outstanding!

Galia Lahav’s Paris Haute Couture Runway Collection, The Skirt Over Pants

The “skirt over pant” look is designed for the modern woman who continues to celebrate her youth. We are in LOVE with the skirt over pant look and call this the “skirt over.” The skirt is delicate in contrast to the refined pant, creating a unique juxtaposition between two fashion worlds. The added pocket detailing has us swooning — how brilliant! The corseted t-shirt keeps the look modern and stylish. The sheer blouse with lace appliqués feels elegant and sophisticated. Both looks exude femininity and sophisticated urbanity.

Off the shoulder, a subtle flash of some skin

The fabulous floor-length over the shoulder dresses in luxurious fabrics cascade down the runway. This is our answer to a modern demure gown in a showstopping off the shoulder number. Hey! These dresses are something that women feel sexy in and actually want to wear! We can show off some skin during the winter season but feel covered enough during those blistery cold evenings!

Curves of a flower

Hand embroidered flowers are a lovely contrast to the sheer tulles on soft silhouettes. These minis are a perfect balance for some cool, fashion-forward party looks. This look is light and shows that you can still add a twist to look unique, classy and fashionable.

Sophisticated artwork

Watching beautiful sweeping gowns with embroidered beaded detailing in soft colors float down the runway are a regular pleasure for Lahav. Red carpet solutions for the modern woman who enjoys femininity.

Nude Chiffon and Floral Embroidery

The elegance of nude chiffon with simple floral embellishment is exquisite and feminine. The classy look is flirtatious and sexy. These nude dresses marry couture-level craftsmanship with modern design.

Galia Lahav's Paris Haute Couture Runway Collection is Outstanding!

As the end of the show approaches, we cannot overemphasize the wow factor. The romance is palpable and it left us wanting more. Kudos to you on this breathtakingly beautiful show that I wish went on forever!

“Because she’s brave enough to do what she wants when she wants…” And God Created Woman

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