What are you Wearing Underneath?

What Are You Wearing Underneath?

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When you get dressed in the morning do you think about your undergarments? On a day to day basis, I know that the thought never crosses my mind unless it’s absolutely necessary. We’re taught the basics, like if you are wearing tight jeans to go for a thong, and if you are heading to a job, and heading to dinner or drinks afterwards, you may possibly think of putting on something a little more upscale. I remember when I was little my mother always told me to make sure I am wearing clean underwear—you never know who may see you. During Toronto Fashion Week, Kiki De Montparnasse takes What You Are Wearing Underneath to the next level. With Valentine’s day around the corner, we want to contemplate upping the ante a little for that special someone.

What are you Wearing Underneath?

With Neon and Lace sashaying down the catwalk in the underground parking lot in Yorkville Village, there was no turning back. With the low-key underground parking garage dark atmosphere, the undergarments were eye-catching in bright hues and wearable pieces. Kiki De Montparnasse gives you an idea of how to pair your beautiful sexy lingerie under classic tailored blazers and jumpsuits, giving you a look that says, “I know what I am doing.”

Up the athleisure wear details

This year, fashion is all about the details. With Athleisure wear at the forefront of every mom’s mind, Kiki de mon adds a little lace to add to this feminine yet wearable trend. Slouchy pants make running around fun, comfortable and easy. I love these pants with a pump and leather jacket for an evening look. The ultra-luxe slouchy trouser is a must have for 2019.

Cycling shorts should you, could you?

What are you Wearing Underneath?

Many women over the age of 25 years old are asking the question, how can I wear biker shorts? This is something I have also asked, too. Here is how I am wearing this trend. I purchased a pair of biker shorts last summer and quite frankly, I love them. I am using them under short dresses that I feel are a little too young for me. By adding the shorts, it lengthens the outfit with a hint of the shorts peeking out. I also put them under sheer skirts so I don’t have to deal with the pressure of showing my entire legs by wearing a bodysuit, because even though it technically is a skirt, sheer is NOT forgiving.

The best part of this whole trend, it tucks me in in all the right places and I get to ditch the Spanx. I say the biker trend is for everyone—but not all for the same reasons.

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So the real question is, what are you wearing underneath?

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