Hilary MacMillan Showcases Ultra Wearable Pretty Clothes at TFW

Hilary MacMillan Showcases Ultra Wearable Pretty Clothes at TFW

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It was a sweltering hot day, one of the hottest of the summer but luckily, the clothing choice for Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer was cool, lightweight and ready to wear on the streets of Yorkville Avenue. The buzz in the crowd combined with the heat outside had everyone beaming with excitement to see the new designs from Hilary MacMillan. With standing room only, Hilary MacMillan Showcases Ultra Wearable Pretty Clothes at TFW. MacMillan’s success stems from what she does best: her innate understanding of what females actually want to wear!

Hilary MacMillan Showcases Ultra Wearable Pretty Clothes at TFW

You can see me peeking through the corner of one of the photos below, mouth agape at what I am seeing on the runway! For next season it looks like we’ll want to be wearing two piece coordinating sets.  Especially, blues and reds with matching boots! You could feel the hot breeze throughout the room as MacMillan’s models hit the catwalk showcasing her latest designs and looks running throughout the entire collection.

From pretty to exceptional

When we think about our 2-piece coordinating sets, do we ever match our shoes to the outfit? This upcoming season, MacMillan adds an element of excitement by including matching boots in similar fabrics, creating a 3-piece ensemble. This fantastic combination gives her collection that edge women are looking for to bring their outfits from pretty to exceptional. For the women who want to be noticed, this combination is for you.

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Layered tunics paired with high patterned boots, track suits with cropped tops and flowy skirts with oversized jackets paraded down the runway. The swirling patterns had the crowd riveted for more. Best of all were her continuous patterned theme throughout the collection that had a distinct MacMillan feel.

Hilary MacMillan Showcases Ultra Wearable Pretty Clothes
At the end of MacMillan’s TFW show, she had the audience drooling! We absolutely love tunics, matching full outfits and flowy silhouettes. She pulled the strings of the woman who wants to attack the dress-up box. MacMillan’s designs are perfect for the feminine, pretty woman who loves to be a little different.
Photo credit: George Pimentel Photography

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