5 things you need to know before going the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

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Chances are, you’ve seen or heard about the Museum of Ice Cream popping up in different cities for a short period of time. So far, it has been in Los Angeles, San Fransisco and it is currently in Miami. As soon as tickets became available, I went to the site to purchase them since I had planned a vacation with the kids to Miami over the Christmas break. I mean, Addison had an ice cream themed birthday party, so how could I not take her! Here are 5 things you need to know before going to the Museum of Ice Cream. 

Buy your tickets ahead of time 

Since the Museum of Ice Cream is only in a Miami for a short period of time, there are a limited number of tickets. In LA, they sold out in less than 30 minutes and had a waiting list of 20,000 people (according to one of the staff at the MOIC Miami). When you buy your tickets, you will select a time frame to go. You must indicate who will be using each ticket and when you arrive, you will need to present ID as the tickets are non-transferrable. Tickets are $38 per person 3 years of age and older. 

Show up early

A few things to consider here. If you are driving, give yourself ample time to find parking. There is one public parking lot across the street, but parking is limited. If you are lucky, you might find street parking (like we did)! If not, there is valet parking at the Faena Forum building for $25, so you won’t be stranded and have no where to leave your car! We went on a rainy day so we waited in the car until until a few minutes before our time slot. BIG MISTAKE! There was a huge line when we got there. Everyone has tickets, so you have to wait to get in with the rest of them! 

The word ‘Museum’ is a bit deceiving 

With the name Museum of Ice Cream, we expected it to be more of, well, a museum! While we enjoyed our time, we didn’t learn too much about the history of ice cream. Each room was brighter than the next and entertaining! We did an ice cream dance, swung on the cherry and banana swing, made ice cream castles in the sand, built with candy blocks, hoola hooped on the roof and jumped in the sprinkle pool. Each room has it’s own activity and in some rooms, you were given ice cream to try. With that said, if you have allergies, beware! There are signs all over the MOIC with allergy alerts. 

The sprinkles are not real

You must have heard by now that the sprinkles are not real! In Miami, it is all over the news because they are all over the streets and not environmentally friendly! After our visit, we took the kids to do some shopping. When we went into the change room to try on pants, a ton of sprinkles came out of the kids pockets and ended up all over the floor of the change room! Be prepared after you take your dip in the sprinkle pool…the sprinkles will find their way into your clothes and you will be finding them for days. 

The sprinkle pool…

On Instagram, the sprinkle pool looks so glamorous. Well… for us, it wasn’t! Here is my advice: if you end up in the sprinkle pool with a large group, ask if you can wait until the next round. My kids were not pleased with the experience. There were kids throwing sprinkles at everyone. Getting a face full of sprinkles was not exactly desirable! Looking back, I wish I had asked if we could sit the round out and go in after, because who doesn’t want to lie in a pool of sprinkles?! (Unless you are a germaphobe: then it might not exactly be a dream come true).


Final thoughts about the Museum of Ice Cream

Overall, we had a good time. I felt it was more fun for the kids then the adults. We spent about an hour and half there. Note: once you leave a room, you can’t go back! So make sure to enjoy what the room has to offer before leaving. They tell you when you enter to take your time, but as the next group came into some of the rooms, we felt a bit pressured to leave. In the sprinkle pool, we were given 4 or 5  minutes and then our time was up and we were asked to leave. I am not sure I would go back again, but I was glad that I got to experience it while I was in Miami! 

Have you been to the MOIC in Miami? Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. Are strollers allowed in the ice cream museum in Miami?

  2. Author

    Great question! Strollers are not allowed inside the Museum of Ice Cream as they feel that it impacts your experience since it is an interactive experience. They do not have stroller parking but will try and accommodate when possible. Otherwise, they will ask you to fold and carry your stroller. I would say, leave the stroller in the car if possible!

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