Taking the kids to see the Statue of Liberty

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This is the 2nd post in a series of 5, traveling to New York with Kids

This picture gives me chills and reminds me of 9/11 #neverforget

When traveling to New York with kids it’s important to make a list of all the things you want to see and do.  But don’t make that list so long that you get stressed out.  Try to put the most important things at the top and make those a priority.  The number one thing on our list was showing our kids the Statue of Liberty.  So we made sure that that was one of the first things we did!

After filling up on a big complimentary breakfast at the Residence Inn Times Square,we made our way down to Battery Park, which is all the way downtown lower Manhattan.  We hopped on the Metro, got off too early, started to walk but realized we were still a ways away, so we got back on the metro and well, eventually got there.  I would recommend taking a cab to Battery Park if you are staying near  Time Square.  My kids loved taking the subway while we were in New York, but knowing that much of our day would be waiting in lines, I woud have much rather insured we got to our destination without any problems.

Family Travel Tip:   A cab ride wouldn’t have cost that much more than all the metro fare we used for a family of four, not to mention it was HOT and humid that day, a cool car would have been nice.  (Mom was sweaty and unhappy)  I made sure I snagged us a cab for the ride home.  After a long day, it was money well spent!

Also, it was about 4:30pm, luckily I got a cab no problem.  But catching a cab can be difficult during the morning and afternoon rush hours so be aware of that when planning your outings during the day.  The subways can be extremely packed as well.

We bought our tickets to see the Statue of Liberty, which apparently you can do online ahead of time.  It saves a little time from standing in line, but the wait to buy tickets wasn’t that long.  The line to catch the ferry to Liberty Island however, was very long.  But it moves along very quickly, so don’t get discouraged.  Once on the ferry there are bathrooms and refreshments for purchase so if you have kids that need to use the bathroom or grab a water don’t panic you can get it on the ferry.

You do go through security,  similar to the airport.  In fact we got held up in security because we brought my daughter’s hula hoop with us.  Luckily we bent it and we were able to get it through the scanner so they let us take the hula hoop with us!  Our daughter is a crazy little hula hooper and she announced to us that she wants to “Hula hoop around the world”  so we thought what a better place to start than New York City and where else but the Statue of liberty?  (Watch the at the bottom) 

The ferry is two levels and if you sit up top the you can get some great Manhattan skyline pictures and Statue of Liberty pictures.  We sat down below on the way out to Liberty Island and on the top coming back to Manhattan.  Scored seating each time, which was surprising.  Once on the island there are hot dog and pretzel vendors as well as plenty of beverages.  We stopped and eat had a bit to eat before making our way around the island to the front of Ms. Liberty.  There is also a great ice cream shop for ice cream next to the dock where you load the ferry for Ellis Island.  We didn’t get off at Ellis island with the kids, they are still a little young to fully understand what Ellis Island was, however, we did explain it to them the best we could.

*You have to buy the kids the green foam statue of liberty headbands, they make for some great photos!

Watch Mckenna Hula Hoop at the Statue of Liberty!

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Have you been to see the Statue of Liberty with Kids?  Share your tips below!

Disclosure:  This is a 5 part series sponsored by Residence Inn, I am a Resident Mom.  All of my thoughts and opinions are my very own I share this with you to help you with family travel plans to New York City.

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