Summer Travel: Baby Aboard

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Traveling with a baby for the first time can be nerve racking but with a few basic essentials and with a travel crib that is light and super convenient to bring along it can actually be quite simple and enjoyable.  If you have made it through the plane ride without any diaper disasters the rest is easy!  Whether you are staying at the in-laws, a posh hotel in the city or taking baby to the beach we have a few helpful items to share with you when traveling with a baby in tow.  Most first time parents think they need to bring everything and the kitchen sink, but trust us, you can leave the sink at home.

You will of course have a stroller with you and you’ll need to check it at the gate.  The nice people at the airport may not know exactly how much your fancy stroller costs and that you’d like to have it back in the condition you gave it to them.   So, before you even board the plane I recommend buying a gate check bag to cover and protect your stroller.  They are $15.99 and worth every penny.

“Do we need a travel crib?”  Every parent asks this question before their first trip with their new precious cargo.  It use to be that travel cribs were so heavy and bulky, more of a hassle than what they were worth but the BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light 2 has changed all that!  So I say, yes. The BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light 2 weighs only 11 lbs and can literally be set up in 10 seconds and it’s sleek, modern design will not take up your entire hotel room.  It is made of a breathable fabric and completely safe for baby to even chew and drool on the side (because you know they will).  Hotel rooms can be a child’s dream of new, shiny objects to touch but they’re not all exactly kid-friendly so it is great to have somewhere you can put baby out of harms way, as well as a comfy place for naps and bedtime.

Watch this BabyBjörn travel crib video and how easy it is to pack and set up!

Once you do venture out of the hotel room and hit the pool or the sandy beach you’ll need a few summer essentials to make sure baby is safe in the sun.  Sunscreen is probably the most important and Dolphin Organics just added an all natural 32 SPF sunscreen to their line of excellent products.  We also love the 50 SPF sunhats made from Coolibar and the reusable Charlie Banana Swim Diapers.  Both are adorable and will help keep baby protected in and out of the water.  If you have a little walker and you want to protect those little piggy toes we suggest these inexpensive Kids Stay put swim shoes, perfect for cruising the beach or boardwalk.

Not doubt your diaper bag will  already have your on the go baby must haves and if you are no longer breastfeeding and need to pack bottles and formula, be sure to grab these on the go formula containers, which are perfect for traveling or any day of the week while out and about with baby.  The last item that will come in handy while traveling with baby is a Itzy Ritzy Wet Sack, not just for a wet swimsuit or swim diapers but also great for any soiled diapers that need to be contained quickly.  These bags will even come in handy on the airplane when and if that diaper disaster strikes.



Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post.  All of my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my very own.  I share the product information and these helpful tips with you for the purpose of being a genuine resource for Moms.

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