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Baby Carrier One - KhakiBeige, Cotton Mix
March Baby Bundle Giveaway

Someone is about to get very lucky this month! We have a very special Baby Bundle and it’s all about Baby Bjorn! We have been fans of Baby Bjorn for years because of their timeless style, modern designs and premium quality.  Baby Bjorn is a Swedish company that has lead the way in the baby industry since 1961. Their line up of exceptional products include baby carriers, bouncers, high chairs, travel cribs, feeding products and high chairs.

“To make day-to-day life easier for parents of small children by developing safe and innovative products of the highest quality for children up to three years old.” Baby Bjorn 
Baby Bjorn Carrier ONE Giveaway Savvy Sassy Moms
The Baby Carrier One by BABYBJÖRN

The Baby Carrier One by BABYBJÖRN is a multifunctional front and back baby carrier that is simple to use and comfortable in all positions. Ideal for those wanting an ergonomic baby carrier with incomparable comfort. Suitable for babies and toddlers, newborn (8lbs) to 3 years.

  • Multifunctional front and back baby carrier provides you with 4 different carry positions.
  • Optimal newborn position. Carry your newborn high up on your chest, close to your heart.  This provides you with eye contact and all-important closeness, while allowing you to supervise your baby’s breathing.
  • Inward-facing comfort. Ergonomically designed for both you and your growing baby.
  • Outward-facing option. Explore the world together when your child is ready. (Min. 5-months-old)
  • Easy back carrying. Place your toddler on your back by yourself in one safe motion. Simple, safe and comfortable! (Min 12-months-old)
  • Correct position for the child: The Baby Carrier One complies with the recommendations of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to ensure an appropriate position for your child.
  • Developed with pediatricians: We work with leading pediatricians, midwives and child psychologists. Their medical expertise is extremely important to us and they provide us with invaluable input when we develop new products. We never launch a product without their approval.
Travel Crib Light
  • Sleeping away from home with small children has never been easier!
  • The Travel Crib Light is a portable folding bed that is easy to carry, set up and fold up.
  • The soft mattress makes the travel crib a comfortable and snug place for your child to sleep on a trip.
  • Suitable for children aged 0–3 years.
  • Baby Bjorn travel Crib Light
BB Soft Bib (3)
Soft Bibs
  • This soft and comfortable plastic bib catches food that misses your baby’s mouth.
  • The bib is easy to clean and the fast-drying plastic means that you can use it again quickly.
  • BPA free!
  • Suitable from four months.
  • Baby Bjorn Soft Bibs
BB Smart Potty
Smart Potty
  • The potty is compact and convenient, and the soft plastic edges mean that your child sits comfortably.
  • It is easy to empty and clean and will rest firmly on the floor, even if your child moves about.
  • Baby Bjorn Smart Potty
Baby Bjorn Baby Bundle Giveaway!

March Baby Bundle Giveaway Baby Bjorn

Time to get LUCKY!

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  1. We decided the day we had her. We were so torn! But after my husband saw the pain I went through he decided to go with my #1 choice 🙂

  2. We decided on our baby boys name by combining my husbands first name and added a middle name we both loved. We didn’t really have any other names that we liked. ❤️Daniel Isaac

  3. We’ve been making a list. Still haven’t decided yet, but we’re still waiting on arrival so we have time:)

  4. We named our first born son Nico. He turned 4 months yesterday. I think we agreed on his name pretty much the day we found out we were having a boy. We played around with some other names but nothing else ever really stuck out for us. Once he was born it just seemed to fit. I couldn’t imagine him as anything but a Nico <3 So in love!

  5. Used my moms middle name and mother in law middle name for a girl and we both like the same boy name which is owen

  6. As soon as we heard the name Camille we knew that would be our daughter’s name. Our other two names were Avery and Everly.

  7. My husband picked it out,between Ruthie,Sofia,and Amelia.

  8. we have the custom to name after deceased ancestors. We had 4 boys and used all my top choices

  9. I knew the names of my girls once I got married. We decided to name our first daughter after my late father, Tedi. My second daughter was named after my husband, Carly.

  10. We loved the name Chelsea, but having to be different spelt it Chelsie. Other choices were Chantel and Caitlin.

  11. I actually came across the name Rowan (for my daughter) on an advertisement page on Facebook for birth announcements. I fell in love with it because it is not a common name, none of my friend’s children have that name, and it’s also gender neutral. We had other names for my daughter but we turned them down, not because we didn’t love them but because I like to have a list made for when I see my daughter. I had look at her and say the names out loud. The one that fits her, is the one I chose. She was not a Spencer (Princess Diana), Hermione (Yes, I almost named her after the fictional character from the movie Harry Potter!), or Rumi (13th-century Persian poet).

  12. My Husband and I welcomed twins, one boy and one girl. I picked her name and my Husband picked my sons. The only stipulation I had for him was that they had to start with the same letter 🙂

  13. We still have not decided on the name for our little one – luckily we have several months to decide.

  14. I dont remember the other names we were considering but the right ones just came to us!

  15. My mother in law actually brought it up and i was iffy about it, then my husband brought it up which i was still iffy about but then i saw it on facebook and i fell in love

  16. My Husband chose his name…well, I chose middle. We were between Luke, Alexander, or Owen. Went with Owen Benjamin, and it suits him quite nicely 🙂

  17. My son was named after my grandfather. I knew I was going to name that ever since my grandfather had passed away.

  18. It wasn’t easy for me, so I found a name that was Greek and Russian mix

  19. My sons name is max n pregnant with a baby girl n thinking of naming her Eileen!:)

  20. I wanted a traditional name. I liked Rebecca and Julie, but decided on Rebecca.

  21. A good friend I worked with helped me. Top 3 choices were: Lundyn, Ireland, and Avery. We went with Lundyn!

  22. My mom decided my baby name.
    My top three baby names were Skaii, London & Necessary.

  23. My oldest daughter Gwendolina is named after my Grandmother. My youngest daughter Penelope was my husband’s choice.

  24. We are expecting and I think we’ve narrowed our names down. One of the names has a musical theme because my husband plays guitar. The other is just a name my husband likes the sound of.

  25. I decided with the help of my husband. My top 3 names were chloe, penelope, and ezra.

  26. My ex picked out my kids name, I only had say so in one of them. I am entering for my cousin however who is due next month.

  27. We really liked the name Faith. My moms middle name is Faith that is how we came up with the girls name.

  28. We have six kids and my mom picked our first kids name and we split the rest. I would do first names and he would pick middle names. Now we are enjoying giving ideas for grand kids names. Two more due this year!

  29. I picked his name when I looked at him. We had the names Landon, Max, and Jordan as choices, Landon won.

  30. We picked Braden, but also liked Landon and Aiden

  31. My husband and I spent months just yelling out random baby names at each other until we Agreed on one. Top 3 were Addison, Penelope, and Carmen.

  32. All of our kids name start with C. By accident they are all 5 letters with a hard C. We have no idea what this one will be.. we like Cohen, Camden, Colt, I LOVE Cullen(hubby hates it)

  33. i’m a total control freak so I’ve has lost of baby names forever. Top 3: Itzel, Delia , and Ada

  34. My husband and I have had a hard time agreeing but I think we finally have a name for our baby that’s due in 8 weeks…. Lukas! We like it because it’s Norwegian (like my husband) and the meaning is Light which I love. Others we considered were Alexander and Levi

  35. We have a list and it’s not a long one. Still a few months to decide 🙂

  36. I always liked the name Cheyenne but we also liked Chenoa.

  37. we both hated each other’s number one picks. we were just tossing random names out one night and she kicked when we said a particular name. so we said it again and she kicked again. we tried a couple similar-sounding names: nothing. we said the name again and she kicked again. so i guess she picked her own name.

  38. Baby is due in May and we cannot decide on a name!! I want something unique but still known and hubby likes more traditional names. He may remain nameless!!

  39. He arrived with his name but it seems to suit him

  40. We had our name picked out from the get go! I love it!

  41. Still trying to come up with our top 3 baby names! It’s difficult .. 😛

  42. My requirement was that it had to be multi syllabic and we both liked the name Benjamin — it helps that hubs is from Philly 🙂

  43. It wasn’t too hard we just love the name Abigail and Allison so that’s what we ended naming our daughters

  44. We are still trying to pick a name. We have a list going, but none of the names really stand out right now. I think it’ll be easier once we find out the gender in a few weeks.

  45. Our top three picks were Edward, Everette, and Grayson. We waited until he was born and then selected Grayson.

  46. Our top picks were Thomas, John, and Henry. It wasn’t too hard to decide – we pretty much agreed!

  47. LO is coming in June and we’re still stuck on figuring out a short list of names! It’s so hard…

  48. I just found out that i’m pregnant with a second child! My son is 9 months.. ahhh!

  49. Since I didn’t know the sex of the baby, I had Brittany, Alexis and Caiden.

  50. I just thought of names I liked and brought them up to my husband. We used my mom’s and my mother-in-law’s middle names as both of our daughters middles names. I just had my 3rd baby a week ago! We named her Julia. It was either that, or Natalie. 🙂

  51. there werent 3 choices I chose the only name that I like that fit with out family

  52. We chose Ella because it was a name that I have liked since I was little. There were not any runner ups!

  53. I saw my daughter, Ever’s name in a magazine-a model had named her daughter that and I just loved it! She is our 6th daughter so all the other names we used on the first 5-Elizabeth, EmmaLee, Sierra, Journey, & Mia.

  54. We named our first son after his dad and our second son after my dad.

  55. We decided on both names for our children just by looking through books and seeing what sounded good to us. Our son did not get his name until the last day we were in the hospital though.

  56. We decided on it completely last minute when he was three days old. We didn’t have a top 3 prior!

  57. My daughter Kiera was actually named after a character in the film “chronicles of Riddick” My husband said he liked the way the name sounded when Vin Diesel yelled it. Other names we considered were Charlotte and Caroline, we left left the sex of the baby a surprise until birth so we considered the name Daniel if she was a boy.

  58. All of three of our boys’ names are Greek New Testament names. We couldn’t agree on anything from the old testament. And we have used family names as either first or middle names as well.

  59. I am obsessed with this brand! We’re expecting our first in June and this would come at the most perfectly needed time!

  60. Our oldest is named after her great grandmother. Our 4 year olds name is a family name and our little guy is a name that both my husband and I loved (his middle name is my maiden name).

  61. We only had one boy name. I’d been reading a book and decided on Jason. My husband liked it so we went with it.

  62. We just picked random names from a book:


  63. For a girl I just loved the name Anya Sophia for a couple of years now…Other choices were Saffron & Valentina and for a boy I liked Oliver.

  64. It was so hard! We went through a list of top baby names. We had Michael, Luke and Cody as our top choices.

  65. Lots of discussions and respect for what we both wanted. I wanted Estella and my husband wanted Evie. So she is Estella Evie. 🙂 <3 Her Birthday is today and she is 3!

  66. Went with my gut in the long run. Baby names I loved for little boys were Nicholas, Christian & Grayson

  67. For my first son, my husband and I battled it out. Eventually he chose the middle name Carmelo and I chose the first name Omar. For our daughter on the way it was much easier, we agreed on the name shortly after finding out we were having a girl… Emery.

  68. Ayla was close to the name my mom gave to my stillborn sister, I wanted to honour her.

  69. The girls were firm in the womb.My son when we looked at him was much more a Timothy than a Spencer

  70. A lot of what I watch on tv and the books I read affects what my kids names are. Remmi from House MD (13-dr Hadley), Lillith Luna (Aka Lily Luna) Harry Potter, it’s the name of Harry and Ginny’s daughter, Yuno (Mirai Nikki aka as future diary in english) an anime.

  71. I have 5 kids. Connor, Cody, Matthew, MacKenzie and Logan. When I was trying to find a name for my final baby, I knew I needed new letter, and I knew that there wouldnt be another child of that letter like my previous children. So I made a list of “gender neutral” names and made my husband pick one. Our final 3 were Logan, Taylor, and Peyton

  72. My husband and I decided on the name AXTON because we wanted an A name like my husbands Adam and mine Amanda, but different! We only had 2 names, Axton and Aston!

  73. Our girls were named the only two we were able. To agree on lol. Our oldest is Alyssa and our youngest is Brooklynn. Their middle names are after grandmother’s on each side, Grace and Rae

  74. We name our kids after places. We have Savannah, Boston and the newest tiny addition- Dallas

  75. We thought about what the name would be shortened to because people always do that to the name. We liked “Fi” so Sophia was in the running but then decided it was too common. Then I suggested Fiona and instantly that was it. I had a friend pass away in high school with the middle name of Rose. So we named our daughter Fiona Rose. Fiona was born 10/19 which is the same day that my friend Valerie Rose went to Heaven. That means the world to me just like my daughter does. <3

  76. Upon hearing my son’s name, Eliel, for the first time, I just knew it was the right name! We had lots of runner ups like Graham, Julian and Clark but when he was born, Eliel fit him perfectly!

  77. Only had one name the whole time thinking it was a boy–“Edin” meaning little ember.
    Once we learned she was a girl, we changed the spelling “Eden” meaning gorgeous

  78. We chose a few names that we thought sounded good with our last name. We were trying to choose between Ava, Alexa and Avery.

  79. We each came up with a list of names and then crossed off the ones that either didn’t like. Olivia’s name was on the short list. We also liked plenty of other names (hard to narrow to just top 3!) but this one was the best for both of us.

  80. As a single mom, I had to choose a name by myself. I wanted a strong name that wouldn’t be butchered by nicknames. My choices for a boy were Eric Scott or Justin Phillip. My son is Eric Scott.

  81. We had names in a hat, and the name hubby picked out was going to e our sons name. The top three were Darian, Devin, or Reed.

  82. We’re still coming up with names. We’re going to ask baby (in the womb) to see if he agrees with any of the names. 🙂

  83. We are so excited to welcome our first child, our son, in August! We are naming him Benjamin Michael. They are both family names and we think it just sounds like such a wonderful, strong, handsome name! Michael is my father in law’s name and my husband’s middle name. Benjamin is the name of our great grandfather, uncle and cousin. We can’t wait to meet our little man!

  84. have not started to think of names for this one yet. Its my 8th child, 5th boy so it gets hard to think of names after you use a lot you loved already

  85. I still haven’t decided on a name yet. For a girl, our top three are Clover, Sky, or Jade. For a boy we like River, Rain, or Birch. I guess I like the not-so-subtle nature names.

  86. We didn’t have a top three. We had a boy name and a girl name picked out both times. With our first it was either Matthew or Sophie. With this baby, it was either Benjamin or Sophie. Once we found out at about 20 weeks, that’s when we announced the name. Looks like Sophie is still on the table, lol. 😛

  87. I debated between the names Amber, Shelby, and Shaina for my daughter. I ended up naming her Shelby because it was the character’s name that Julia Roberts played in Steel Magnolias. That particular character showed great courage and strength through a battle with cancer. Thanks.

  88. I had always wanted a little girl named Austyn since I was like 13! We did entertain Harper and Payton, but Austyn quickly trumped all others 🙂

  89. We used a family name from both sides for our son’s name.

  90. I’ve always wanted a little girl named Nevaeh. I do now! Lol I love that she’s my little piece of Heaven (Nevaeh). I honestly didn’t have any other names at that time. I was lucky to have her.

  91. My daughter didn’t have a first name until her second day of life. We had a list of 5 names for girls, our top 3 being Quinn, Aria and Piper. I didn’t want to decide until I saw her, and after spending some time with her, I said to my husband, “what about Emma?” He said he loved it, and right then and there she became Emma Lee Brink.

  92. It’s really very silly. We wanted something unique our upcoming son wouldn’t run into someone else with his name..
    one day I thought I was having Braxton hicks contractions and my husband was like that’s a great name so it stuck and his middle name is Ray from his dad’s middle name. I have not come across anyone who doesn’t like it :p

  93. Baby is named after his father and grandfather, so there wasn’t a whole lot of discussion!

  94. my daughter already knows what name to give when they found out they are having a boy, no choices in their part

  95. we are picking from enzo, carter and arri we picked the latter one coz my 5yo love it and we thought it will be great to have him be part of picking his brother’s name too.

  96. We wanted something unique so when we came across one that we had never heard before it immediately became our favorite but we didn’t name him until we saw his sweet face! 🙂 Our top 3 were Banks, Jackson and Alexander.

  97. We decided on Beau. This name my fiancé has always wanted if he has a son .

  98. My sister chose my baby’s name. I loved it. Top 3 choices were Aiden, Adrian, and Braden

  99. My husband and I are naming our first son after a friend of ours that passed away.

  100. And our top three names were Gabriel, Julian and Caleb.

  101. We narrowed it down to 1 family name and 2 names we liked that we found in a book. Then basically waited until the baby was born to see what felt right.

  102. We Chose Landon, Never Really Had A List We Saw The Name And Liked It.

  103. Got from my grandmother’s first name…top 3 choices were….
    best friends middle name
    grandma’s name
    cousin’s name

  104. I just go with the flow of my wife’s choices. As long as it’s what she likes.

  105. I have a long first name and hated it growing up — we wanted to find a name that was short and couldn’t be made fun of. My husband and would talk about it on and off and made a final decision a few weeks ahead of time.

  106. My oldest was so easy we both fell in love with a name quickly. With our second we had a hard time agreeing on a name. I loved Asa and he loved Layton. We finally agreed on Owen 🙂

  107. I heard a name at a park years ago, and it stuck with me all these years. When I was pregnant with my girl, I immediately new this would be her name…

  108. It was a very long process and we barely managed to come up with one name , not to mention 3!!

  109. We had the agreement that hubby would choose boys names. He named our first after his fav John Wayne character. When the second and last was to be another boy I pushed for my previous choice for our eldest, also a John Wayne character. They both fit their names completely!!!

  110. For my son we went with Landen Austin – I wanted the name Austin but his dad wanted the name Landen. Since it was a boy I went ahead and let Landen be his first name. For my daughter, her name is Avalynn Emma – Ava is the only name we could agree on but since it’s so common I added Lynn in in memory of my grandma and Emma is in memory of her dad’s grandma. Top 3 choices for my son we had: Landen, Austin and Drake. Top 3 choices we had for our daughter was Ava, Hailey and Madison.

  111. We use names of saints. Went picked Joseph immediately and didn’t really consider any other names.

  112. Our boy name will be Richard James. Richard is a family name on my hubby’s side, 5 generations back its their first name, with different middle names, so there are no Jr.’s. James is his other grandfather’s name, as well as both of my grandfather’s. No other boys names have been discussed. For a girl…the middle will be Elizabeth, a family name on my side, and the first name…well that’s a secret 😉

  113. My children were all given family names. No other choices.

  114. We decided spur of the moment… I was pretty out of it when my husband suggested Liliana and I cried happy tears which must have meant I agreed! Top three: Liliana, Gwen, Esther.

  115. My husband and I are expecting, we are going through picking a name right now. We have created a list and have been narrowing it down. Something important to us is including middle or first names into our child’s name. We have not shared the names with anyone!

  116. I don’t have kids, but I’ve agonized over name for my pets 😉

  117. we don’t have a name for this baby yet. my husband wants to know whether it’s a boy or girl first. we had lists upon lists on top of lists when choosing names for our first 3 kids. we don’t have the brain capacity to think of names for more than one gender this time around. we wanted a strong bold name for our first. Maximus Rex = Great King. #2 was going to be some derivation of Lucius (the guy from the batman comics) and Dantes (like Edmund Dantes from my husband’s favorite book, the count of monte cristo). Luciano Dantes. We had lots of first and middle name combinations for our daughter. We let our boys name her by asking them is your sister’s name XY? no. is her name YZ? no. is her name Marian Bernadette? and without skipping a beat in unison they same yes. so that’s her name.

  118. We love traditional names. So far, some of our top choices are Charlotte, Penelope, James and Winston

  119. We are still in the process of picking names. We have narrowed down a list, but keep going back and forth. I think its really important to pick the right name for your child, so you really have to give it a lot of thought.

  120. I’m trying to win this for my sister! She is expecting her first child….so names are still being thrown around.
    Top three so far:
    1. Piper
    2. Scarlett
    3. Elizabeth

  121. We wanted something unisex for the girl so we chose Charli. If it was. Boy, he would have been Bryce

  122. our son was born 3/3. We wanted a strong biblical name and we wanted to honor my dad since be only had daughters.

  123. My son’s name is Levi Nathan. My husband and I both have biblical names and we wanted him to have one too so we chose Levi. Nathan was my husband’s older brother who passed. Funnily enough our son looks just like him and was born the day before the anniversary of his passing. God is truly awesome.

  124. The name was the hardest part! We tried to mesh together a few family names to create something unique.

  125. We decided once she was born, since we didn’t know what we were having. They were Kendall, Charlotte, and Alexia.

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