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Ever dream of that much needed beach vacation or that quick weekend getaway to the country only to immediately squash all plans at the thought of traveling with Little Miss Meltdown and Mr. Won’t Nap Anywhere? You’re not alone.  The good news is that the people from babycargo are here to help with an amazing list of tools and items to help make your vacations a little easier and perhaps require a few less Medicinal Margaritas.

Last week I was lucky enough to clink glasses and nosh on mini sandwiches with the best of the best, the women who rule the cyber world.  The elite crowd of Mommy Bloggers and Press-Makers in all things having to do with Baby!  Hosted at the lovely Peninsula Hotel, the babycargo Travel In Style event featured the best advice and gear to get you and your kiddies to the airport, to the hotel, and back home again in one piece.

First up is the babycargo Ultra Lightweight Umbrella Stroller. We’ve all done it.  Run to your corner big box store and bought the cheapest ugliest umbrella stroller just for that vacation you’re going on, then conveniently left it at Oversized Baggage at JFK to save yourself the trouble of fitting it back in the cab upon your return.  No?  Just me?  Well, say goodbye to your “extra, cheap, useless anywhere else” umbrella stroller and say hello to babycargo. The functionality is basically the same as other brands, but they’ve made fantastic strides by choosing fashionable color combinations and fabrics and additional utility pockets with modern snaps and zippers.  Being a mom who hates pastels and bear prints, this is right up my alley!  So you’ll take this easy traveling stroller on your trip, and definitely use it at home too. Bonus!

You have the infant carseat and snap n’ go for the baby, but what the heck are you supposed to do with your 5 year old in your Uncle’s car once you arrive to Dallas for Thanksgiving?  Bubble Bum has the answer.  They’ve created a portable, lightweight, inflatable, safety approved car booster seat for your child aged 4-11 that is so fantastic, I’m literally jumping for joy right now! It folds up into a little teeny weeny bag, and inflates in just minutes.  Genius.

Then there’s Sir Naps-a-Lot (but only at home in his quiet and dark bedroom). You love him to death but the nap schedule is driving you bonkers! Don’t trap yourself in the hotel room all week, try the SnoozeShade.  It is a universal sleep shade for all single strollers that shuts out the world so the little man can rest his weary eyes.  Never fear, there’s a sneak-a-peak zipper so you can check to make sure he’s snoozing away…

Little Miss Meltdown doesn’t want to sit in a stroller, she wants to walk like the Big Girl that she clearly is (which is obvious by the tantrum she is currently throwing).  But, little lady walking solo on South Beach gives you more anxiety than you can stomach.  Greater Than One Kids has a great solution. Hold On Handles are plush-handled walking ropes that attach to any stroller, allowing your big kid to have the freedom to walk, and you the ease of mind that they won’t run into oncoming traffic.

$5,000 Travel Giveaway

Also, from March 18-April 27 2012 babycargo is hosting a contest to WIN a deluxe travel package worth over $5,000! For more information click here.  Happy Traveling!


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