Cruising in style in a Spiderman car

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Spiderman Car

Cruising in style

I blinked and somehow it is already November! While time is flying by and I always wish it would slow down, there is something nice about being settled in our routine and everyone feeling comfortable in their new classes and school schedule. The first few months of school are rush, rush, rush, so getting to finally slow down a bit and enjoy the beautiful fall weather we have been having is such a sweet reward.

It has been remarkably warm for this time of year, so we have been walking to and from school as often as we can. I use the term “waking” lightly! While some of us are walking — and by some, I mean me — our kids look forward to choosing their mode of transportation each day. We recently received the Spiderman 12V Dune Buggy from Dynacraft. As much as I tried to avoid toys with characters, it was inevitable that my son would fall in love with superheroes as much as the next boy, so you can imagine how excited he was when this car arrived. 

Cruising in the Dynacraft Spiderman car

Spiderman’s right-hand man

Before we were able to take it for a spin, we pulled it into a garage outlet to charge. He was able to lift up the “gas cap” for the car to find the plug, just like on Mom and Dad’s car! Cruising in this car with the custom Spiderman graphics make him feel like he is a real superhero. With the click of a button on the steering wheel, Spiderman shouts out “Have no fear, Spidey’s here!” making him feel like Spiderman is by his side. As the clock falls back an hour, the LED light-up hood makes it easy for him to see where he is going when I pick him up from an after-school program. I love that he can push the pedal and the car drives itself home with some help steering from my little driver! The car goes up to 2.5 miles per hour, just fast enough for him to have fun, but not too fast for me to fall too far behind him when we’re on a walk. If he goes too far ahead, he is able to shift the car into reverse and back it up a bit — a feature every parent will love.

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Driving to the beat and keeping safe

I am living in a house of music lovers, so my phone is always filled with the latest songs that my kids love to jam to. When he is driving in the neighborhood, we plug in the phone and turn up the music to make it a real party! The tough-traction tires are perfect for our drives through the ravine and he knows to always make sure that he has buckled up his seat belt and that his helmet is snug on his head. Safety first! Spiderman 6V Super Car

He can’t wait for the weather begins to heat up again so that he can try the water cannon for some web-slinging fun! The button on the back shoots out a stream of water, which will let his imagination run free as he saves the world from crime.

Dynacraft Spiderman 12V Dune Buggy Electric Ride-On ($250) available at Walmart. Stay tuned for a chance to win one in our Holiday 2016 Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Dynacraft. All opinions are my own. 

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