Your style guide to wearing ruffles and frills

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To me, frilly equals feminine. When I think of frill, I think of the decadence of Marie Antoinette, the girlishness of Little Bo-Peep, and the frilly white socks my mom used to pair with my Mary Janes. But, wearing ruffles and frills now is a different story.

Wearing Ruffles and Frills: A How-to Guide

In fashion, frill has moved past the frilled white sock ($10). This season, ruffles and frills seem to be everywhere I look. I am truly elated to announce that the frill is back and I could not be more excited to relive my youth through stepping out in frilly dresses and accessories. This trend isn’t just for moms. Everyone knows that a little girl dressed in frills is absolutely adorable.

I am enamored with the ability to be comfortable and feminine at the same time and this look is not just for special occasions. Frills will be found in the business world, footwear, casual wear, dresses, outerwear and even accessories. From glamorous looks to the sporty vibe, the ruffle will be seen throughout the season and you will be a stand out in a noticeable statement frill.

The frill statement pieces

The Oversized Chiffon Ruffled Blouse ($78) can be worn to work with a fitted trouser or during an afternoon with your favorite jeans. I have been known to wear this look out in the evening with a leather-effect slim pant, too. You can always add a frill to the bottom of a pant and keep the top simple like this Roll-Tab Sleeve Tunic ($28) with a Frilled Stretch Trouser ($70) or a Leather-Effect Trouser ($70).

The cozy and comfortable frilly accessory

Accessorizing can help fit your mood or personality. I love the idea of a pair of Ruffled Fingerless Gloves ($60) that add just that bit of a feminine vibe! A simple Jersey Ruffle Sweatshirt ($58) can really update your wardrobe, giving you a relaxed silhouette. A comfortable shoe can’t be beat while making your way through your list of things to do, get the look with a white Ruffled Sneaker, $412.

Are you wearing ruffles and frills this season?

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