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Bridal Style Choices

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Did you know that it’s wedding season coming up? I know, it’s crazy that we’re nearly half way through April!! Now is about the time we start hitting all the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and such. And really, they are so much fun. There’s nothing like celebrating with people during the happiest moments of their lives. So today I thought I’d share some outfits that will be perfect for the next wedding you’re attending. Whether it’s casual or fancy, I’ve gotcha covered.

spring colors

My husband’s family is Bahamian. Bahamians like bright colors. You should have seen them all at our wedding, it was fantastic. Blues, pinks, turquoise, fuchsia, orange, it was amazing. Wearing bright colors can always been fun specially to an evening summer wedding.

 Garden Party Style
vintage shoot

We all know (hopefully) that it’s inappropriate to wear white to a wedding. Let the bride have her moment! But pale blushes and pretty lace is definitely okay. Paired with some beautiful accessories you’ll be ready to go. I think these looks would be perfect for a garden party wedding or even a bridal/baby shower.

jumpsuit chic

Wait – don’t stop reading! I promise they can be beautiful. See here paired with a bunch of fun pinks and golds. It’s fabulous. It’s also perfect for those ladies who might not feel very comfortable in a dress or skirt but don’t want to be too casual. I would suggest pairing it with a belt for sure to make sure it doesn’t look like you’re wearing pajamas.

Holiday Dress

Formal is probably the most fun, for me anyway. I love a reason to get all dressed up with the hubs. It’s probably the least likely as well. But heck, it’s good to be prepared! And really, who needs a reason to wear sequins? Just say the word and I’m there! So although this one might be a little unrealistic, it’s still hecka cute and I’m gonna be begging for a formal wedding invite just to rock it! Personally, it seems like I’m in the more ‘baby shower’ stage of my life than weddings. That’s why it’s good a lot of these can work for both!

Weigh in! What do you like to wear to weddings?

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