Bringing healthy school habits home

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Having just spent most of the week home with a sick 1st grader, I can officially declare that the sick season has arrived. We all know it’s inevitable once the combination of school starting and cooler weather bring their evil forces together to get our kiddos sick. But, even knowing that illness is on the horizon each fall and winter, I still try to do everything I can to prevent it happening — both for my kids and for myself.

Bringing healthy school habits home

I’m always so thankful (and impressed!) with the good health habits my kids are learning at school. It always feels this ways as a parent, doesn’t it? You have to beg them to wash their hands before dinner at home, but at school, they happily scrub away… probably without even needing to be asked.

This season, I’ve decided to try a different method — I’m carrying their healthy school habits into our home life in hopes that it might start to make a difference with keeping cold and flu germs away. The OmniPod™ Hand Hygiene System with Germ-X® is similar to the one that my kids use at school — they all line up to sanitize their hands as they come into the classroom, after they use the bathroom, before they enter the lunchroom and even when they come in from recess! It’s so impressive to see them all line up, pump their hand sanitizer into their little hands, and quickly rub it in before they start learning or eat their lunches. 


It finally dawned on me that if this was what they were used to at school, why not bring it home, too? The OmniPod™ Hand Hygiene System with Germ-X® is available on Amazon (can’t resist that quick and easy delivery!) and at under $20, it was a might-as-well-give-it-a-try parenting moment. I was surprised and delighted that I didn’t have to drill holes in my walls to install the pod — it comes with a super-strong adhesive strip for mounting. Plus, the footprint itself is smaller than typical hand sanitizing units, so it didn’t take up a lot of room in my kids’ bathroom, but it still holds a full 750mL bottle of sanitizer. When we’re done with the bottle, we can throw it in the recycling, another big bonus, considering we live in a very eco-conscious area.

At first, my kids thought it was completely hilarious that I’d installed a OmniPod™ Hand Hygiene System with Germ-X® in their bathroom. But, beyond their amusement, I can already tell that it’s making a difference, as I notice the bottle getting lower and lower with each passing day. It will always be a struggle to bring those healthy school habits home, but with little helpers like this on my side, hopefully we can keep the germs away this year.

At home and at school

If your teacher has hand sanitizer on her ongoing school supply list, but doesn’t have an actual hand sanitizer station in her classroom (or, even better, right outside the door so students can sanitize as they enter!), ask her if she’d like one. At under $20, it’s a cost-effective donation to the health of both your child and your teacher. The OmniPod™ Hand Hygiene System with Germ-X® includes one refill, but additional refills are less than $20 for a pack of two, so you can keep the classroom stocked for the entire year without breaking the bank.

This post is sponsored by Germ-X. All opinions are my own.

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