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Two kinds of perfume people live in the world. Some people find their signature scent and wear it their whole lives. Other people, like me, flit back and forth between a dozen different fragrances. I try to find “the one” or search for the “perfect” fragrance to capture my current mood or season. If you’re a scent commit-a-phobia like me or just love to switch up your fragrance regularly, meet Scent Trunk.

Scent Trunk custom perfume

Scent Trunk helps you create a custom fragrance

Scent Trunk is an online perfumery that allows you to create your own perfume based on six basic scent elements. Not only do you craft your own perfume, but you receive a month’s supply. So, you can either reorder your fave for another month or change it up, making your scent more floral for spring, more sultry when you’re trying to revamp your love life, or just try a completely new blend. Scent Trunk works perfectly for people who don’t know what they like (me!), who like to regularly change up their perfume, or people who can never have enough scents. Here’s how it works:

How to Create Your Custom Fragrance with Scent Trunk

Step 1: Sign up with Scent Trunk to request a free Scent Test Kit (you just pay S&H). A few days later a little box with six vials shows up, each one containing a different core element – Citrus, Woods, Aromatic, Floral, Amber, and Chypre (which I’d describe as smelling like a good-looking man).

Scent Trunk scents

Step 2: Rub a dab of each one on your wrist and take a whiff. Do you like it? Love it? Not for you? The online Scent Test lets you catalog your likes, loves, and loathes and then crafts a custom perfume based on your responses. As an added bonus, the six roller balls contain enough of each core scent to play around with or experiment with wearing a single note scent.

Step 3: Submit your tester kit feedback. A few days later, your custom fragrance arrives in a cute sprayer!

Scent Trunk

Your custom perfume includes a card that explains the top, middle and base notes of the fragrance as well as the longevity and sillage.

Longevity is how long the scent will last on the skin. According to Scent Trunk, “Fresh, and citrus notes typically last a lot less on the skin because it has lighter molecules that dissipate faster. To boost longevity using fragrances with ‘heavier’ base notes is important. That’s why in modern perfumery bright, zesty notes are balanced out with more woody/amber/aromatic notes. Woody, aromatic and amber fragrances typically last longer eg. lemon notes don’t last long as musk notes. Having clean, well moisturized (fragrance free) also boosts longevity. Higher quality fragrance oils typically will have better longevity as well.”


As for sillage? “Sillage generally means how well the fragrance projects. If you enter a room with a group of people, people will smell you right away if your fragrance has a greater sillage. Some people prefer ‘loud’ fragrances. Others prefer fragrances that play closer to skin, like if you’re working in a small office and don’t want your co-workers to really notice you. Typically the more sprays applied, the more sillage you’ll get. Highly concentrated fragrances (eau de parfum vs. eau de toilette) will contain more fragrance oil, which will boost both longevity and sillage. All of our fragrances are eau de parfum so you’ll get much more oil concentration versus a department store eau de toilette.”

Step 4:  Love it? A 30-day supply of your custom fragrance will cost $11.99 per month, free shipping, if you decide to opt in. You can change the formula each month. If you don’t love your new formula, they’ll ship you another one for free. In other words, you have nothing to lose! And lots of fragrance fun to be had. 

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