DIY Father’s Day Gifts from the Kids

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Dad’s special day is around the corner and we know you are already set to do the Daddy and Me card! In our house, we always love to give dad a DIY gift from the kids. After all, they will only be young for so long and dad will cherish all the home made gift when the kids are all big and grown! So, we are sharing some of our favorite DIY Father’s Day gifts! 

DIY Father’s Day Hat
Father's day art

Buy that you know dad will wear and get out the ! Pick a few colours that go nicely together and let the kids go wild! If your kids are older, they can decorate the hat with a plan in mind or they can splatter paint the hat all over. For you really little ones, make hand prints on dads hat.

#1 Dad HatDIY Father's Day hat

When it’s all done, title it as you wish: #1 dad, King of the house, Best dad ever – the choice is yours! 

Say it with a T-shirt

We have been giving since the beginning of time! When my husband celebrated his first Father’s day, he was overjoyed when he got a t-shirt with a picture of our son on it! He wore it all day long letting everyone know he was “Jonah’s Dad!”.

DIY Father's Day T-shirt

As the years have gone on and the collection has grown, we are changing it up a bit this year and getting crafty. Using , paint your child’s hands and stamp them on the shirt. Make sure to place a piece of paper inside the shirt so the paint doesn’t go through to the back! We wrote a clever saying on our shirt – “World’s Best Dad, Hands Down!”

But First, Coffee

Father's Day mug

You know the day will begin with coffee, so why not start it off right with a ! You can take your child to a pottery place near by and have them paint a mug, take out a mug and decorate it with sharpies, or order a ! No matter how you personalize it, it will be a hit!

Books, Books, Books

There are so many ways to make fun for dad. One year, we based our whole photo book around the book, . Each page had a picture of my son and husband doing what the text said. This book is great because it has lines like “I love your silly side” so we put in a picture of them being silly together. We even went on to add our own words that went along with our pictures listing all the things they love to do together. A book like this is a gift for dad and your child! 

Master of the Grill

Father's Day BBQ apron

Along with Father’s Day comes BBQ season, so why not encourage dad with a nice grilling apron!? We searched for an with a fun saying on it! When we found the one we we wanted, we headed out to the backyard and started DIY’ing! The kids again enjoyed some splatter painting (because it’s just so much fun!) Not only did we give this to dad, but the grand-dad’s each got one too! 

DIY apron

Speaking of Books…

Father's Day Books

Daddy and me books are the best! They are a great addition to any Father’s Day gift. We have listed some of our favorites here!

I Love you Through and Through
Daddy Hugs
A Perfect Father’s Day
Daddy and Me
Why I Love my Daddy

What will you be making for dad this Father’s Day? Share your DIY projects below!

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