Easy to Make DIY Play Snow

How to Make Your Own Snow

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Do you want to build a snowman? No? (Sorry, is that stuck in your head now?) What if we told you you could let your little ones build one without leaving the warmth and comfort of your own home? With just a few steps and some ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard, you can make your own play snow that will provide hours of fun and giggles for all involved… no wet, soggy mittens necessary!

Easy to Make DIY Play Snow

How to make your own snow

What you need:

Toys to enjoy the snow with:

How to Make Play Snow for Kids


1. Mix baking soda and conditioner together in a large bowl.
2. Stir together with spoon until somewhat crumbly in texture. Snow should be moldable, like sand.
3. Place snow in container and let play begin!

DIY Play Snow for Kids

The snow is cool to the touch, so it feels similar to real snow. It molds easily, smells fabulous, and, surprisingly, provides very little clean up. With just a quick post-play wipe down, and quick once over with the vacuum, all remnants of your snow play will be gone.

How to Make an Inside Snowman

As an added bonus, the snow can be stored for future use. If it becomes dry, just add a little extra conditioner to the mixture, and voila — you are set to go for hours of more snow fun!

Make your own snow

This super easy play snow is a great indoor activity for those blustery winter days when it is just too cold to play outside, but your children have begun to get a lot little stir crazy, which simultaneously tends to make mommy a lot little crazy. It is so much fun, and is a great activity to provide much needed sensory play for active little hands and minds.

So now, do you want to build a snow man?

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Carrie Beth and Jen are both 30-something mothers and wives, who happen to be best friends. They both love all things preppy, southern, and just plain pretty. Between the two of them, they have 5 precious little ones and constantly have a text conversation going on about the day-to-day of their lives and the crazy adventure that is motherhood. Whether it's trying to keep up with current fashion trends, finally getting around to that DIY project, or just dealing with everyday life with kids, it always keeps them laughing and it's always real life. They share their ideas and stories on their blog, The Magnolia Mamas.


  1. Thanks to those who have done this wonderful project. Really innovative ideas. Child to Cherish has a variety of fun activities for kids. Engage the young ones with these activities and make learning fun! Your kids will definitely like it.

  2. I love this idea for a class party. I’m wondering how much snow do you get outnof one batch?

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  5. Author

    Hi Leah, Thank you so much for reading! To answer your question – not at all. My daughter has pretty sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate her at all. If your child has overly sensitive skin maybe use a conditioner that is specifically for sensitive skins or for babies. As long as it’s the consistency of regular conditioner it should work perfectly. Good luck and have so much fun playing!

  6. Author

    Hi Alissa, thank you so much for reading! This would be perfect for a class activity. It’s perfect for working sensory and motor skills. One batch should be enough for 2-3 small children to play with.

  7. Thank you Carrie Beth and Jen for this great idea. I look forward to implementing it with my Storytime Group at the Library on Friday. I’m not very good at calculating quantities. Can you help me out with this…. for a group of approximately 8 children. Thank you in anticipation, Lisa.

  8. Author

    You are so welcome! We hope your Storytime Group has a blast with it! This recipe is good for about two small children. For 8 we would make four batches. Let us know how it goes!

  9. Hello,
    I would like to use this with my class, I am afraid that they will try to eat it though. Is there a different non-toxic way I can make snow

  10. Can you store the snow as if you would store play dough? This is an amazing idea especially for us Southern Arizona folks who don’t get much snow during the winter.

  11. Author

    Hi Sara! Yes, you can store it just like you would play dough. We put ours in rubbermaid containers so that they could touch and play with it in the container as well.

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  13. This was such a fun project, I put an ice pack under the pan while my son played…he played with it for hours today! Thanks so much!

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  15. Hi. Just wanted to ask how much baking soda and conditioner do you put in. Also will the children be able to build a snowman with this.

  16. Hi how much approximately does this make? I am wanting to make enough for 20 kids to play with. How many times should I multiply it do you think?

  17. I love the idea! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I will do it today with my 3.5-year-old son.

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  22. My children will love making there own Snowman!@

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  24. Can you make things with it and save it with a clear coat? I would love to do this and make chrismas gifts with the granddaughter.

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  26. Can this be used to put on your Christmas tree in the house…and around Christmas villages???

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