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8 Recycled crafts to try with your kids

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Recycled crafts teach kids about re-purposing materials

Recycled Crafts for Kids

Crafting with kids doesn’t always mean running to the craft store for new supplies. Look around your playroom for materials your children may have left behind or grab some of the kitchen packages you may normally recycle and get started. Recycled crafts are a fun way to learn about reusing materials while enjoying crafting activities with your little ones.

Looking for another simple way to craft? We loved the #PerfectPlaydate subscription box from Avery & Austin.
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Reuse paper and cardboard for these creative crafts

Moving boxes magically transform into a Collapsible Cardboard Tent, crafted by Pink Stripey Socks for Handmade Charlotte. The tent doesn’t even require power tools, and it folds up neatly when your kids are done playing with it for the day. Let them get creative with the design, and they’ll truly have their own private space for reading, writing or daydreaming.

Folded Paper Bracelets from Picklebums are a creative way to recycle your kids’ own artwork. If your children love coloring or painting, especially watercolor painting, you’re likely the proud owner of too-many-to-count colorful masterpieces. Instead of simply stashing several of the pieces of artwork in your recycling bins each week, let the kids choose the ones they want to turn into bracelets.

Michelle from MollyMoo Crafts offers an adorable way to make use of your empty toilet paper rolls. With a little imagination — and some construction paper — your craft-loving kids can turn those simple rolls into a Hula Girl and Her Mermaid BFF. You’ll find additional toilet paper roll crafts at MollyMoo if you have fun with these!

Still Playing School brings you a Triceratops Craft for Kids. Dinosaur lovers will adore this colorful craft made from items most families have in their homes — and craft bins. We eat a ton of eggs, especially during the summer when the kids are in the mood for more leisurely breakfasts, and finding uses for the egg cartons is a fun way to teach about recycling.

The DIY Cardboard Box Lap Tray from A Centsible Life is a perfect craft for summer break. Except for the cutting portion of the craft, kids can create and finish the remainder of the project on their own. Once finished, the lap tray can be used on the floor, on couches or beds and maybe even in the car for road trips, depending on the size and shape of the box you use.

Crafts from repurposed glass, plastic and other materials

Crayon Covered Jars from Donna Herron at Perl3Agony are a clever way to use your jars instead of tossing them into the recycling bin. The jars can be a pen and pencil holder, a colorful vase for the flowers you’re growing this summer or even as a container for craft supplies like pom-pons. We love the way she works around jars whose labels simply won’t be removed.

Floral and Feather has a simple method for using things you have in your home to make a Bird Feeder. The wonderful thing about making a bird feeder with your little ones is the excitement they’ll get from seeing it in use. Young children will love watching the birds discover their new treat, and older kids may be interested in identifying the types of birds hanging out in your backyard.

Simply Kelly Designs knows not all fun crafts need to take an entire afternoon. Her Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets can be completed in fifteen minutes — not including drying time. They’re simple enough that kids can work on them in that sometimes stressful window of time when you really need to make dinner but your kids are suddenly bored with every toy they own.

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Which materials do you think you’ll use the most for recycled crafting this summer?

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