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I must confess, I am not big on commercial, conventional holiday decorations. Maybe it’s the artist in me. Or maybe it’s my mother’s fault for always being so crafty and customizing each holiday in our home when we were growing up. So when I go to drugstores and see the plastic, holiday merchandise I secretly cringe. But this year I bought 100 cheap, plastic Easter Eggs, anyway, for the kids to craft with in the studio. The week before Easter, we made really cool Egg People, with pipe cleaner legs, that hang from recycled, farmer’s market strawberry baskets. It was wildly popular, but I still had a few eggs left over, most of them “broken” in half.

Feeling blue on Monday afternoon, as I often do the day after a holiday, I cleaned the studio while I ate my pizza lunch. When everything was spotless, all that remained was my pizza box and the left-over eggs to store for next year. I instantly saw a Craft Challenge before me:

Could I recycle these little, oval, fluorescent, plastic…things? And could I make it cool?

How to turn plastic Easter eggs into a piece of art…


I glanced over at my Blaze Pizza box (have you been to Blaze? It’s AMAZING. What lucky little bugs we are to have it right near our shop!) and immediately had a flashback of the cool pizza box art at California Pizza Kitchen (yes, I eat a lot of pizza.) Pizza boxes make unique and cheap canvases and they are cardboard – my favorite art supply!

And so I set to work.

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birdtree (1)

I pretended i was crafting with my partner Brian and came up with two different ways to use the materials. When I was done, I couldn’t believe how proud I was. Those plastic eggs actually looked amazing with their new look.

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I had to share the idea with all of you and give you a reason to order pizza and craft as a family. How great would four or five different egg boxes look on your wall? What else could these plastic eggs be? More importantly, how else will they inspire you to clean out that left-over holiday…stuff? Now, onto that cheap, plastic Easter Grass…

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