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Easy Heart Kid Craft for Valentine’s Day

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Easy wire heart craft for kidsFun heart craft for kids!

Hearts are great all year long but they are the best at Valentine’s Day. This easy heart kid craft is the perfect thing for you to make with your family this holiday. These do require a small amount of adult help making it a great family bonding experience. My family likes to craft with a little music on in the background so put together a love themed playlist and get crafting!

Supplies for wire and straw heartsDirections

Grab a package of colorful straws (this package was from Ikea and very inexpensive), adult and kid-sized scissors and some craft or floral wire. You will also need string if you decide you want to hang these hearts.

Cut straws for easy heart kid craftStart by having your child cut straws in to small pieces. I found that if I held the straw, it was a bit easier for him to cut through with his kid scissors. But be warned: The straw pieces like to fly once the blade cuts through the second side. It causes giggles from kids AND adults. You can cut all different sizes of the straws to vary the look (just make sure they aren’t too long or they won’t be able to make the curve shape of the top of the heart).

Cut wire to shape in to heartCut a piece of wire that will be shaped in to the heart. I tried these out with various thicknesses of wire. A thin craft wire works just fine. It will hold its shape and be easy to work with. It is easy to find at the craft stores and comes in a lot of different colors.

Shape wire in to heart shape for kid craftShape the wire in to a heart and pinch the bottom to form the “v.”  I found this helped to space the straws. It also helps to keep the straw pieces from sliding right off the other side.

Sting cut straws on to wire to add colorHave your kids thread the cut straw pieces on to the wire. This is fun because they can group like colors or create their own patterns.

Add cut straws for a colorful heartKeep adding the straws until almost all of the wire is full. You want to leave about 1 inch on each side of the top of the heart in order to close the heart and make an easy place to attach string to.

twist wire to close straw heartsTwist the wire from each side of the heart together. Twist it a few times to make sure it stays together. I left some extra to attach string to but you can easily trim it down if you don’t want to see the wire as much. Finish shaping the wire to make it look like a heart.

Easy wire hearts for Valentine's DayAnd there you have it. Super easy wire straw hearts for your kid’s to make for Valentine’s Day. You can use these as decor around the house or even as a super cute place setting for your holiday meals. If you made them smaller, they could be cute toppers for cupcakes or would make an excellent napkin ring.

Happy crafting!


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