Valentine’s Day ‘Minute to Win It’ games

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Conversation heart candy goes hand in hand with Valentine’s Day and we have four Valentine’s Day ‘Minute to Win It’ games played with conversation hearts that are fun for all ages. Are you in charge of planning activities for a class Valentine’s Day party? Hosting a Valentine themed playdate? Or maybe you are just looking for some fun activities to do with your kids at home. No matter what the case may be, with only a few supplies you can create tons of Valentine’s fun.

Valentine's Day "Minute to Win It" Games

Set it up

We like to give each child a piece of construction paper as a placemat. It helps to mark their individual work/play space and it gives them a visual to help keep the candies and other supplies in their own area.

Seeing the brightly colored candies in front of them is quite the temptation, so before starting the games we like to allow the kids to each choose three conversation hearts to eat prior to playing the games. That way, it gets the curiosity out of their system and tides them over until the gaming is done.

Game #1: Pick them up

For this ‘Minute to Win It’ game you will need a handful of conversation hearts, two cupcake liners and a pair of chopsticks for each child. The kids have to use the chopsticks to move as many candies from one cupcake liner to the other in one minute. This is wonderful for fine motor skills and while little ones might use two hands to control the chopsticks, older children will most likely get the hang of using the chopsticks correctly.

Valentine's Day 'Minute to Win It' Games

Valentine's Day 'Minute to Win It' Games

Game #2: Stack them up

A simple stacking game gets a little more challenging with uneven and not quite perfect candy hearts. Kids have one minute to stack the candies in a tower as high as they can without letting their tower fall over.

Valentine's Day 'Minute to Win It' Games

Game #3:Suck them up

This ‘Minute to Win It’ game might be the most quite you will hear the kids during all of these four games. Using straws they use suction to suck up a conversation heart to the end of a straw and then drop it into a cupcake liner. The person who moves the most candies in one minute is the winner!


Game #4: Match them up

Just like an old fashion game of memory match, these conversation hearts can also be used to match up.


It takes just a little bit of planning ahead of time to match up the sayings. After all the pairs are found, lay them out, face down, and kids take turns flipping over the conversation hearts to try to find sayings that match.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day activities and games?

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