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We are all a buzz about the arrival of spring – and ready to celebrate it! The moment those temperatures start to rise we can’t wait to break out the pastels, festoon our gardens with bold color, and pull our party planning skills out of hibernation. With a little bit of spring time magic we created this fun bee party themed brunch.

Bee themed party

We crafted the brunch for tiny little guests, but the bee party theme would would make for a great bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party too! The bee theme was amazingly easy to pull together. From food to decor, with just a few simple touches you too can create your own buzz worthy bee party.

Bee party welcome sign & free printable

Bee our guest

We love to welcome our guests we they arrive. One of our favorite tricks is introducing them with the party theme right from the moment they walk into the door. We created this fun little bee themed sign to greet guests as they entered our home.

yellow and black party decor for a bee themed party

From there we surrounded our home with fun little bee party themed touches. These adorable little icing bumble bees helped decorate everything from our tables to our food. Such an easy and inexpensive way to carry the theme through out the party – not to mention they are edible!

bee themed brunch party

Brunch, anyone?

We like to keep our parties simple, and who doesn’t love a good brunch? The easier we keep the food, the less stress we will feel as we prep for our event. The bee party was one of our least stressful party ideas. We were easily able to come up with a menu that coordinated with our bee theme.

bee themed food

We used waffles as our honeycomb and placed a cute little bee on top of a dash of whipped cream to bring the idea to life.

Use waffles as honey comb for bee party

The honeycomb theme was also easy to translate into other themed food. We love any way we can sneak a donut into a party (who doesn’t?) and we crafted this little “honeycomb” out of a yummy stack of glazed.

Donut honey comb for a bee themed party

Once we were on a roll with the honeycomb idea we only thought it was fitting to include a little bit of Honeycomb cereal to the table as well. Use the cereal as a stand alone, or add it to a snack mix, but it makes for the perfect bee party themed snack.

Honeycomb cereal for a bee themed party

We included a few other buzz worthy snack ideas as well. In the center of our table we created a bee themed snack bar, which included the Honeycomb cereal as well as Honey Nut Cheerios and sugar wafers.

Bee themed snack bar

Because we were offering a brunch for children, we wanted to keep drinks pretty low key. Lemonade made for an easy tie in not only to our decor, but as well as our color theme.

lemonade for a bee party

Thanks for bee-ing here!

Giving favors at the end of a party is a great way to say thank you. When we spotted these adorable little bee cookies we knew they would make for the perfect favor. We found ours at one of many Target visits, and couldn’t have bee-n more excited. Especially once we learned that they were available from the retailer year round. (Bonus: they are out of this world yummy too!)

Bee cookie and free favor printable for a bee themed party
And as our own thank you, here are all the printables we used for this party – free!

Download the Bee Party welcome sign
Download the Bee Party thank you note

Host a Bee Party

What buzz-worthy party theme do you like hosting for spring? 


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