How to throw a pineapple party

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It’s summer time and that means it’s time to party like a pineapple. Or at least throw a spectacular pineapple themed bash. This summer time fruit favorite lends to the juiciest of party themes, and we couldn’t wait to throw a pineapple party of our own!


Party like a pineapple

The good thing is during the summer pineapples are all the rage. It’s easy to grab great pineapple themed party supplies for both adults and kids alike. The hard part is containing yourself and not going too crazy with all the adorable theme ready items available.

Pineapple party table setting.

For our pineapple party we chose to go with a black and white backdrop with accents of palm leaves, yellows, and golds.

Cute pineapple party supplies and drinkware.

We always like to welcome our guests with a fun little sign or saying to set the tone for the party, and follow through with the introduced in our invitation. We crafted this little party signed and used it in various ways throughout the pineapple party.


Download your “Party like a Pineapple sign.

It’s all about the food

One of the easiest things about hosting a pineapple party is that it’s all about the food. The pineapple food. There are so many yummy pineapple treats, drinks, and ways to incorporate pineapple themed food into the party.

Pineapple drinks and food for a pineapple party.

We set up various snack and drink bars throughout the party for people to snack on. This way everywhere you turn you can grab a delicious pineapple infused yummy while mingling with your guests.


From sparkling water to grilled pineapple kabobs to cake pops, nature’s candy is quite literally the life of the party!


One of the biggest hits of the party was this Pineapple Coconut Parfait. We used our favorite Strawberry Parfait recipe and just replaced the strawberries with pineapples and coconut – yum! If hosting your pineapple party during brunch hours replacing the whipped cream with yogurt is a yummy alternative.


We learned long ago one of the keys to being is a good host is making sure everyone is entertained. Especially the youngest guests.

Pineapple party crafts for kids.

We created a little pineapple themed craft station for kids and it kept their creative (pineapple) juices flowing.


Not a crafty person? Have no fear! These little pineapple magnetic crafts came in packs already together with easy to read picture instructions for the kids.


Once crafts are completed guests of all ages can smile and say, “Pineapple!” with this easy DIY pineapple themed photo booth.

Pineapple themed Photo Booth for a pineapple party.

We put together this photo booth in just a matter of minutes with a black and white striped disposable backdrop, palm leaves, and yellow balloons. With just a little tape, and a few fun pineapple themed props you have a fun area where guests can post their favorite pineapple party selfies.

How to set up a pineapple themed photo booth for a pineapple party.

Pineapple after party

We always like to leave our guests a little something to remember the party by. These pineapple themed party boxes were perfect to hold small pineapple scented candle gifts for our older guests and pineapple bubbles for our younger ones.

Pineapple party favors.

Add a little treat, a little sparkle and for your guests the pineapple party doesn’t stop once they leave!

Will you party like a pineapple this summer?


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