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Brillant big boy birthday party ideas

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Planning a birthday party for your big boy? It seems that when they were little, party planning was a piece of cake. Pirates? Been there. Super heroes? Done that. What moms of big boys really want are some awesome out of the box ideas for big boy birthday parties. And we have them right here for you! So get your party planning hat on, and take a look at these awesome big boy birthday party themes that are guaranteed some oohs and aahs from guests and friends alike.

Whatever the theme, your big boy birthday party is bound to be tons of fun. Let your son take part in the planning and preparations, or make the whole thing an awesome surprise and don’t tell him a thing! Here are some of our favorite big boy birthday party ideas.

1. Lego: With the new Lego movie coming out in just a few weeks, this is sure to be a very popular birthday theme amongst boys of all ages.

2. Harry Potter: The books and movies might be finished, but this party theme is going to last for a while. Decorate for your own wizard in training with these Harry Potter essentials.

3. Camping: Bring a little of the outdoors indoors with this camping themed party. Pitch a few tents, set up a s’mores station and let the kids go nuts.

4. Construction: So your little guy might have liked Bob the Builder in preschool, but this takes the construction theme to a whole other big boy level. Let the kids decorate their own construction hats, make tool belts out of craft paper, and dig into the cake and ice cream.

5. Mad Scientist: If your guy has ever wanted to try the Mentos in Diet Coke trick, then this theme might be for him. Everyone gets their own white lab coat and a try at an experiment or two.

6. Star Wars: Be the hero of the galaxy by throwing your young Jedi a party he’ll never forget. The Force is strong with this one.

7. Gone Fishing: Let the kids fish for gift bags, hook some treats, and catch a few big laughs with this fishing themed party.

8. Beachy Keen: With the polar vortex hitting more than half the country pretty hard, might we suggest a beach themed birthday party? Beach balls, colorful blankets, yummy snacks, and surfer tunes will go a long way in making the day memorable.

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Moms, what are your favorite big boy birthday party themes?

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