How to make an Ice Cream Sundae Kit

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Every year as I plan my kids birthday parties, I spend a lot of time thinking about the loot bags. I want everyone to have a blast at the party, but I know the kids can’t wait to see what they will get to go home with. In this day and age, putting food in a loot bag can be considered a faux pas. With food allergies and wanting our kids to eat healthy, people tend to steer away from “treats” in a loot bag.

This year, I threw an Ice Cream Party for my daughter — more to come on that soon! With a theme like ice cream, I wracked my brains for a theme appropriate loot bag and after much deliberation, I decided to create our own Ice Cream Sundae kits with some other non-food treats for each of the kids to take home. You might be thinking that I was walking on thin ice, but I felt confident with the choice I made because of Black Forest Organic.

Black Forest Organic Gummies

Photo by Melissa Tessler @melissatessler 

A treat you can feel good about

Black Forest USA is a line of certified organic and non-organic fruit snacks and candy. If you ask me, it’s impossible to keep your kids away from candy all of the time. We made the decision to give our kids Black Forest and Black Forest Organic fruit snacks for a sweet indulgence. Being able to read and understand each of the ingredients is important to me. I want to know what I am giving my children and what products are turning the foods colors.

These snacks don’t contain any dyes. Instead, the snacks get their color through natural ingredients, such as black carrot juice! My kids are always begging me for more! Knowing these snacks are organic and that the colors are from natural sources gave me the confidence to put them in a loot bag.

Organic Gummies

Photo by Melissa Tessler @melissatessler

Make an ice cream sundae kit

Any loot bag with many parts needs a base. In this case, we needed something for the kids to enjoy their ice cream in. We chose a waffle bowl, so kids — well, their parents! — can just add ice cream. We liked these cute non-edible bowls, too. We chose an allergy-free bowl for all of the attendants at the party, and we found it was the perfect size to hold all of the toppings. Next, you need your toppings!Organic Candy

A flavor for everyone

Every child enjoys different flavors. We included organic gummy cherries, organic sour heads and gummy bears made with real fruit juice, so every child had a flavor they would enjoy. In addition, we added a little baggie of sprinkles, because what kid doesn’t enjoy some colorful goodness on top? Each sweet treat went in its own little baggie and then into the waffle cup. In addition to the edibles, we added ice cream themed goodies, such as ice cream lip gloss and ice cream bubbles.

Ice cream kitWe packed everything in a cellophane bag. Since our party was on a Sunday, we used a play on words and made ice cream SUNDAY kits and added an “Ice Cream Sunday Kit” tag, along with a message from the birthday girls. You can download your own here.

Ice cream kit label

We appreciated hearing such positive responses from our loot bags. The kids were ecstatic, and the parents enjoyed learning about the delicious natural alternative to candy.

Have you tried Black Forest Organics?

DISCLAIMER: This blog was sponsored by Black Forest USA. All thoughts, opinions and views are my own.

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