Ideas for celebrating National Ice Cream Day

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! My first child was born in February, so outdoor birthday parties were never an option. With my second born in May, we have had all of her birthday celebrations outside. This year, we had a joint birthday party for my daughter Addi and her best friend Ella. My mom bought the girls ice cream pants a while back, and since that moment they have given a new meaning to an ice cream obsession! I searched high and low to find ice cream accessories to make the day just perfect! In honor of National Ice Cream day which is coming up, I am sharing some of my favorite ice cream items to make any ice cream party a blast.

Ice Cream tops

Ice cream tops

It’s essential to dress in theme! Finding a shirt that met the ice cream criteria meant that they needed to have ice creams on them, not popsicles (which are very popular)!

1. The Ice cream cone burnout tank top matches with any pair of shorts! Pair it with a bright colored short or keep it monochromatic.

2. It won’t be summer forever, although we wish it would be. Addi loves this Butter Girls ice cream shoppe hoodie that is so cuddly and has patches of everything you need for an ice cream party on it!

3. We love this Chaser Tank top (donut version here) and she wears it all the time.

4. Dream cone…need I say more? Every ice cream cone is a dream filled treat! This sweatshirt is one she will be wearing for months to come.

Ice cream bottoms

Ice cream bottoms

1. For your little ones, check out this sleeveless top and bloomers set. Your littlest one will fit right in for the festivities.

2. Little bike shorts are just the cutest. These shorts so comfortable for the girls and have a nice fit.

3. Wear them through the summer and into the fall! Ice cream leggings are an absolute must. Our girls have a few different pairs.

4.  Last, but not least, are these adorable unicorn ice cream pants.

Ice cream accessories

Ice cream accessories

1. A party is all about the decor. You can add so many fun accents to your party without breaking the bank. At our party, we threw in ice cream lip balm into the loot bags for all the girls. They were a hit!

2. It’s summer time and you will want to keep everyone hydrated. Ice cream cups are such a cute addition to the table.

3. When you serve ice cream (which is bound to happen), if you aren’t using cones, try these ice cream cups. They are sweet colours and have matching spoons to go with them!

4. I have pictured ice cream birthday plates, but you can find so many other ice cream plates to choose from.

5. Hang them from the trees, the table, the ceiling — wherever. I love the colorful ice cream honeycomb decorations!

6. Have a sweet birthday. If you are making an ice cream birthday party, then this balloon is for you. If this is just a good old ice cream party, then these ice cream balloons will be perfect.

7. How cute is this ice cream kit of bowls and spoons packaged in an ice cream truck? Seriously, I want to use these every time we eat ice cream!!

Little Partners Learning Tower Ice Cream Stand

Ice cream play

You will definitely want to keep the kids entertained before the ice cream comes out! Kids have an incredible imagination so give them the tools to play in theme! We are having so much fun with our Learning Tower and Playhouse Kit. The Playhouse Kit has transformed the Learning Tower into an ice cream stand and a lemonade stand! The kids have been playing in it non-stop serving ice cream all day long!

Antsy Pants Ice Cream Truck

For your older kids, encourage them to build their own ice cream truck and keep them busy! They can really use their imagination to build and then play! Have fun!

How will you be celebrating National Ice Cream day?

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