A Spooky Halloween Centerpiece From The Dollar Tree

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Given the task of creating a Halloween centerpiece from items found at my local Dollar Tree store as part of a sponsored campaign with them, creative liberty to do what I wanted and $15 to spend, I had an absolute creative blast! I was thoroughly impressed with the selection of Halloween items for sale at Dollar Tree. Not knowing what to expect exactly, yet having an open creative mind to create something awesome, I am so happy with what I ended up doing. There was actually so much awesome Halloween stuff to choose from at the Dollar Tree, I had a hard time deciding. Halloween Centerpiece from Dollar Tree Initially while shopping for Dollar Tree Decorations, my theme was going to be red and black, feathers and spooky elegance. Although I love happy pumpkins, brightly colored candy and the general merriment my kids have about the holiday, I love to decorate my house in a dark elegance with whimsical touches. Velvet and baroque details, black birds and deep reds.

Halloween Centerpiece from Dollar Tree 2

I purchased all of the items in my Halloween centerpiece from the Dollar Tree (apart from the velvet runner, orange candle and large spider in the flowers). The silver tray, white candle, black bird, gold filigree pumpkin, vase, flowers, plastic spiders, fake spider web and paper spider decorations are all from the Dollar Tree! Crow in Halloween Centerpiece from Dollar TreeThe black crow steals the show for me. I love seeing its reflection in the silver tray. I painted the red flowers black with an acrylic black craft paint for an extra spooky touch and I painted the glass candle holders as well. Originally, I had painted the fat round glass candle holder with a pumpkin face, but it turned out to not fit the centerpiece theme, so I simply turned the pumpkin face towards my son’s seat at the table. He’ll love that happy face smiling at him during meals. Halloween Centerpiece From Dollar Tree Collage Since this Halloween centerpiece includes candles, please do not leave young children unattended while they are lit. You can find all of these spooky Halloween centerpiece items and more on sale at your local Dollar Tree — where everything is $1!


This is a sponsored campaign with Dollar Tree. All creative opinions are my own.

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