25 Halloween treats that aren’t sweets

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Halloween Favors (non-candy)

Halloween Favors

Halloween is right around the corner which means parents have to start bracing themselves for the candy overload. Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is suppose to be about kids trick-or-treating and filling there buckets up with lots of candy.  Heck, some of the fun is stealing it from their buckets while they are at school or in bed at night (Don’t worry, we’ve all done it). Trust me, I do not want to take all the fun out of Halloween by serving up fruit and raisins, but I do want to share some non-candy options to pass out this trick-or-treating season.

You cannot avoid all sugar on this candy saturated holiday, and we don’t want you to either. Check out these 10 Halloween Treats for the Classroom, but we don’t want to overdo it either.  I also realize that some parents can’t stand all the junk that comes home from these parties, but the kids love getting little prizes and toys and I like seeing how excited their faces get when collecting and sorting through it all.  I guess you have to pick your poison.  Candy or Miscellaneous junk.  I think I will take junk, because I have horrible will power when it comes candy being in the house.

Halloween Favors
Non-Candy Halloween Treats

1. Silly Putty
2. Glow Lantern
3. Pencils
4. Glow & Wind Up Mummy & Skeletons
5. Whoopee Cushions
6. Mini Play-doh
7. Markers
8. Crayons
9.  Pretzels
10.  Gold Fish
11. Glow in the dark fangs
12. Bubbles
13. Grow & Glow Snakes
14. Play Money
15. Pumpkin Slinky
16. Halloween Gliders
17.  Mini Skull Stress Balls
18. Halloween Sipper Cups with Straws
19.  Halloween Erasers
20.  Fang Whistles
21.  Sticky Halloween Critters on String
22.  Brain Shaped Splat Balls
23.  Bat Wing Clappers
24.  Glow In The Dark Eyeball Pop-Ups
25. Halloween Bears


What do you like to pass out on Halloween?

Do you prefer the kids bringing home candy or little toys?

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  1. Great post, Andrea! I have a hard time with all the Halloween candy and think that mixing in some little toys is a great idea.

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