5 travel products to pick up for your next trip!

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OneTruffleTravelbagAccessory Travel Bags

TRUFFLE are the clear travel bags making a big statement. These clear bags help you stay organized while you travel, keeping all those loose must have items all in one place.  You can designate these bags for either your cosmetics, tech accessories, jewelry or for emergency snacks. Carry whatever your travel essentials are in a truffle bag and you will be able to spot exactly what you need in an instant. They also keep things safe from water and coffee spills!

Jewlery Cleaning Wipes

These Bling Wipes are genuis. When I travel I always notice how dirty my wedding ring is, must be all the fluorescent lights in the airports. Then I say to myself, I really need to clean that when I get home, but never do. This is such a simple thing to do while sitting on an airplane waiting to take off.

Nail Polish Remover Pads

I bought the ones pictured on the counter of H & M when I was in a pinch. But you can also buy these LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover Wipes, which I have also used before. One pad will clean and condition all 10 nails.  $10.99 for 20 packs.
Nail Polish Remover Pads


Packing sunscreen is a no-brainer but packing a mineral sunscreen for your face that smells good is even better. I’ve raved about Coola Sunscreen before because of their refreshing scents. This is the perfect travel size (only 1.7 oz) to toss in your bag.

Travel scarf with a pocket

SHOLD IT is the scarf with a hidden pocket! Not only does this scarf have a pocket but it also turns into a clutch. This scarf comes in handy when you may not need to carry a handbag and all you need are a few essentials, like your phone, lipgloss, or a room key card. Just be sure you do not leave it behind on a plane or in a train.

What are some of your travel favorites?

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