Guest Post: Five tips for the perfect Easter basket

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The common adage “it’s the thought that counts” is never more applicable than during a holiday season, when time seems to speed up and sneak up on you as if there’s fewer hours in every day! Even if you don’t mind tossing something out after one use, it’s always wonderful to purchase something crafted with quality that you can feel good about spending hard-earned money on–and that will last you longer than just the one day of Easter celebrations. Having holiday staples will also save you the trouble of repurchasing materials every single year. Just because your rosy-hued Easter eggs may expire, does not mean your adorable baskets have to…

Easter baskets are a fantastic tradition for sharing a little springtime holiday treat with children, as well as making the day extra-special regardless of your religious preference. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Halloween, or Easter, spending the extra few minutes to create a unique, handmade celebration will be worth its weight in memories as well as remind children and infants that they are loved and appreciated. And after all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about? We’re certain you’ll love these easter basket ideas as much as we do!

easter basket ideas

1. All Your Eggs in One Basket: Traditional Easter baskets are filled with layers of plastic, shredded green grass strips that somehow never fail to escape the basket and remain underneath furniture and inside shoes, leaving parents with a mess to clean up and money spent on rather useless stuffing. This year, fill baskets with something reusable and adorable, that won’t leave you high and dry when it comes time to clean up from Easter festivities. For little girls, tutus in their size are the perfect circumference to line the basket, and the tulle creates a lovely and colorful cushion. Best of all? It will last far past when the Easter eggs are gobbled down.


2. Peep Out of Sunglasses: While sugary marshmallow Peeps and hollow chocolate bunnies certainly have tradition on their side, it’s always a nice surprise for kids to find something more tangible in their baskets amongst the jelly beans. Try filling baskets with cute sunglasses or sparkly bangles for a special touch that will last through the holiday and on to springtime!


3. Bunnies Not Required: Although bunnies and eggs have evolved into a time-honored theme of Easter and the symbolism of spring, customize the cuddly animal to the child’s preference—there’s no point in purchasing a bunny stuffed animal if little Ethan’s favorite cuddly creature is a panda, so don’t feel as if you have to fit into any certain mold. For adorable, whimsical creatures made from natural fibers grown in Peru, I love blabla dolls. Each animal is soft, friendly, and will last through years of machine washes after cuddles from sticky hands.

easter basket ideas

4. Springtime Sprouts: If you aren’t familiar with 3 Sprouts, these adorable travel caddies crafted from cotton and felt are the perfect substitute for the traditional woven basket. A variety of animals are printed in felt on the front, and  they are adorable as well as reusable for toys at home or in the car. Road trip snacks, anyone?

5. Hop on Over: Whether you’re a Picasso or a stick-figure expert, handmade Easter cards can vary from simple to elaborate—but it’s the thought that counts! Have each member of your family write a note (or scribble, depending on little fingers) with something they appreciate or love about each member of the family! Include the cards in each basket for a reminder that every child is loved, and for something they can look at to make them happy…every day…


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